The "Everything a Boy Needs To know About Becoming a Man" Speech

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    Quote: The above is transcribed from the movie Second Hand Lions. It's an excerpt from a supposedly longer speech that [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Hub McCann[/FONT] gives to Walter. Unfortunately, the movie's author never saw fit to write the rest of the speech, but I've always thought such a speech should be written. While I have no children of my own to pass it on to I've spent many an hour contemplating what else should be said in such a speech. What are the things that are truly important and define a man? Let's get together and write the rest of the speech.

    My offering is;

    Quote: What advice do you have to pass on?
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    Warning... I not only step on people toes, I stomp on them. Skip reading if you like your toes.







    May think on this to remember other things I have said.

    I did.

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    Second Hand Lions is one of my favorite movies...just sayin'

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