The 'Fab Five' are 6 months old! (Pic Heavy!)

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    It's been a long month, but we're finally here! At 6 months old (by the day of the month; they're 26 weeks and 1 day old to be precise), I am getting an egg from Biddy-bird about every third day, have witnessed some squatting in Poggy, and I'm seeing a lot of wattle growth from Frou-frou. The partridge Rocks, on the other hand, are in no hurry to mature. :rolleyes: It's a good thing they're so pretty...

    For their 6-month-old celebration, mother nature gave them their second encounter with snow--but their first with a snow accumulation! When I first opened the door to the coop, the partridge Rocks were first down as usual, but they just stood in the doorway and stared dazedly at the snow-covered step. Then Biddy-bird came to stand next to them. Then Poggy and Frou-frou joined them. This stand-and-stare routine went on for some time until Biddy and Frou-frou decided they would rather not even bother. It was then when someone else flew off the perches and bowled into the three pullets at the door, pushing Poggy out first. :lol: Long story short, the rest soon followed.

    Lucky Frou-frou the blue splash Marans has feathered feet, but her 'boots' did not make her any happier about standing in snow.


    Frou-frou, also known as 'Big Fuzzy', is my big baby. She comes running to me whenever I'm outside, or whenever the big girls are picking on her. :love I take her inside almost every night to visit my 3-year-old niece, who just loves the chickens. As soon as Frou'f is in the door, this bird is chattering up a storm! No sneaking in for a surprise visit with her!

    She blends in quite nicely with the snow!


    Fancy and She Who Sleeps Standing Up the partridge Rocks are nearly inseparable!


    (The dust house has been boarded up because CERTAIN BIRDS want to lay their eggs in it. :mad: )

    Fancy was probably the least enthused about the snow.


    Fancy has the smallest wattles of the lot, but the cutest little whistle-voice! I love hearing her talking along, "Tweet-tweet-tweet!" Her feathers are so soft, too!

    SWSSU didn't seem to mind so much that there was snow on the ground. I don't think she was terribly happy about Frou-frou lurking nearby, though.


    SWSSU is so pretty, but also so shy. She clucks nervously whenever I pet her, fleeing at any chance she gets. I'm getting to the point with her that she'll stand still if I put my hand on her chest. I love how shapely she is! :love

    SWSSU is really pretty, too, but the flash of the camera always makes her feathers look different. Here she is without the flash (this picture more resembles how she and Fancy look in person) :


    Pogonip was pretty calm about the snow--after being shoved out the door of the coop, of course!


    Poggy's the adventurer of the crowd. Apparently the others slow her down--she's almost never hanging out around them anymore! She has worked her way higher into the pecking order of the flock than her broodmates as well.

    She blends in with the snow, too!


    And finally... Drum roll, please... Biddy-bird!!


    Biddy-bird was the first to lay an egg of these five pullets. She's always getting into things because she's gotta be into anything that anyone else is doing. If I'm outside, she's right there, checking out what I'm doing. I was cleaning the coop the other day, and she just parked it on my boot and watched me work! :lol:

    This naughty girl laid 2 eggs, and then I hadn't seen any for about a week. The day before yesterday, I found a tidy little nest underneath the nest box structure, occupied by two little Iddy-Biddy-sized eggs. :rolleyes:

    She is the brave one, always the first to try things. She most likely would have been the first out in the snow if the other pullets hadn't been in the way. The partridge Rocks are usually following her around like her own little posse.

    What a girl! What a Biddy-bird!


    (And apparently I clicked the wrong size with the pictures, so click on them if you want to see them full sized!)

    All their other hatchday pictures are on this thread. Be warned--there are LOADS of pictures over there!


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  3. Aw they're such pretty birds!!!
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    Wow! They turned out nice!
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    Great pics! Your girls are gorgeous! [​IMG] Love your little story too!
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    Aww! It's so funny how Iddy-Biddy has the biggest wattles, but is the smallest hen. That just makes me giggle inside.

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