The farm temporarily lost a hand... **Links to Graphic Pics**

My dad sawed his finger off about a month ago (had to use a dead persons bone and see if it wouldnt re-grow) then about a week or 2 later a piece of metal flew back and cut 2 tendons in half on the knuckes of his other hand!

...moral of the story...
Dont try and push it

That was bone, wasn't it?! Wishing you speedy healing!
do as the docs say...

my dad cut off :
his pinky right at the join with the hand
his ring finger right through the knuckle in the middle of the finger
his middle finger between the first and second knuckle
and the saw blade cut into the index finger but didnt make it all the way through

he did this while trying to cut a piece of hardwood flooring length wise on a table saw... that he had removed the safety guard off

he was in a cast for about 6 weeks and then with therapy hs has gained 90% of the function of the hand

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