~The Fate of Packs Await~ A Role Play~

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    "The Three Great Packs, once proud and powerful have crumbled to the paws of a new more powerful and vicious order.

    The swift Rushing Pack was home fastest wolves around, they ruled the river beds and the moors.

    The sneaky Hidden Pack was home to the masters of stealth, they ruled the lust and pine forests.

    The strong Flying Pack was home to powerful wolves, the ruled the twin mountains and valley.

    They were great packs but now they are remembered by only Has Beens who only repeat what their parents before have said"

    A ragged old cream colored she-wolf said tiredly to a young pup

    The pups spoke up "Go on and continue the story Dawn Rise"

    Dawn Rise shakes her head solemnly " Well you know I shouldn't be telling you this story, Alpha Dark Blood has forbid the telling of this story, he wants to rid us of are noble history to keep us in check"

    The pups eyes seemed to spark "I won't forget Dawn Rise, I promise"

    Dawn Call smiles "I know you won't Star Wisp"


    The Three Great Packs have fallen into one big controlled pack called United Pack.

    The United Pack is ruled by vicious wolves that rule with fear


    Territory and Camp

    The United Pack controls all of the territory that once belonged to the Three Great packs.

    The valley of twin mountains, Claw and Fang Mountain now holds the large camp of the United Pack. To the south of Claw Mountain is what used to be Running Pack territory, it's moor territory that's crisscrossed with creeks and rivers. To the south of Fang Mountain is what used to be Swift Pack territory, it's a territory covered in lust forest and pine forest.

    The camp is protected by mountain on all sides.

    Alpha Den: It's behind Long Cliff in the middle of the back wall. Alphas live here.

    Long Cliff: Is where Alphas will stand to address the Pack, the Betas will sit under it when the Alphas speak. The Prey Pile is under it.

    Beta Den: It's located next to the Long Cliff. Betas live here.

    Sky Healer Den: It's located on the opposite side of the Beta Den to the Long Cliff. Sky Healers live and work here.

    Nest Den: It's next to the Sky Healer Den. This is where Nest Mothers and Pups live.

    Has Been Den: It's next to the Beta Den: Has Beens lives here.

    Pack Paw Den: It's next to the Nest Den and camp entrance. Pack Paws live here.

    To Be Den: It's next to the Has Been Den and the camp entrance. To Bes live here.



    The Three Great Packs once lived separately and most of the time peacefully, that was until Night Pack was formed secretly of mostly loners and the occasional Pack wolf. They silently murdered almost all the Pups and Nest Mothers in at the Packs in winter while a illness was around. This terribly weakened the Packs in till they had to surrender to Night Pack and once this happened the Alpha Night Slash named the newly united packs United Pack.

    Once United Pack was formed Sky Pack, the Pack of dead wolves, have become silent and no longer speaks to the living.

    More recently the first Alpha has died and his son, Dark Blood is now leading it with the same iron paw as his father before him.


    Pack Ranks

    Alphas: The leaders of the Pack, the ones who really calls the shots. There are two, a male and female, they are mates.

    Betas: There are ten and they are referred to as The Beta Council. They are seconds in command they can make rules if they like but if they are big they must be discussed. There are five males and five females they don't have to be mates but it isn't uncommon.

    Sky Healers: These wolves do not fight or hunt, instead they heal wolves with many herbs and treatments. There can be three.

    Healer To Be: To Be that's training to be a Sky Healer

    Pack Paws: Wolves that hunt, fight, and patrol for the pack. There are an unlimited number of them.

    To Bes: Young wolves training to be a Pack Paw. There are unlimited, but don't have there be more of these then Pack Paws. To Bes usually become Pack Paws at 20 moons.

    Pups: Young wolves under 8 moons old. They must stay in the Nest Den with Nest Mothers until they become To bes. Unlimited

    Nest Mothers: Female wolves with Pups that they care for. Unlimited

    Has Beens: Old wolves who have retired, there usually isn't many.


    Pack Legacy

    Pack Legacy is the type of wolf your born from.

    Rushing Legacy: This means a wolf has mostly or all Rushing Pack blood. This means they have a medium slim and lean build with either White, Grey, Silver, Cream, or Light Brown fur colors.

    Hidden Legacy: This means a wolf has mostly or all Hidden Pack blood. This means they have medium fluffy build with either Black, Red, Golden, Grey, or Brown fur colors.

    Flying Legacy: This mean a wolf has mostly or all Flying Pack blood. This means they had big muscular build with either Russet, Grey, Brown, Red, or Cream fur colors.



    A Wisp of Night,
    A Winter Flight,
    And a Lightning Claw,
    Most wait for a Jay's Call,
    To travel far,
    They must find the lost Pack,
    Then take them back,
    A battle of Lost and Night,
    Will start by Wisp's Howl,
    The Fate of Packs rest in The Battle.

    This Omen will take a while to complete so for now I will go over the four wolves I need.

    I will be the "Wisp of Night"

    I need a male wolf of To Be age and of Rushing Legacy for the " Winter Flight" (His name must be Winter Flight)

    I need a male wolf of To Be age and of Flying Legacy for the "Lightning Claw"(His name most be Lightning Claw)

    I need a female wolf of the To Be age, she can be any Legacy but she must be a Healer To Be so she can get this omen from Sky Pack (Her name most start with Jay but it can have any suffix)

    Also I want the four chosen to be different.


    Forum to Join

    Pack Legacy:
    Other Family:

    (This is my first role play I made this year so yay. Anyway DO NOT COPY THIS I worked hard on it and it took a long time to made, IF I find someone who copies this, they WILL feel my wrath)

    If you read ALL of this then good job go get yourself a cookie (and for two cookies put cookie in Other somewhere)

    ~Role play made by Frosty~
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  2. Name: Star Wisp
    Age: 8 moons
    Gender: Female
    Personally: TBR
    Rank: To Be
    Pack Legacy: Hidden Legacy
    Description: Kinda small fluffy black wolf with white paws, tail tip, underside, and has a white star shape on her forehead. Has wispy bright violet eyes.
    Parents: Shade Leap (Mother Dead) (Father unknown Hidden Legacy)
    Siblings: None
    Mate: None
    Pups: None
    Other Family: Dawn Rise (Grandmother Dead, father side) Dark Blood (Uncle, Mom side)
    History: Born in United Pack but isn't the most loyal because of all the stories Dawn Rise had told her.
    Other: She is the "Wisp of Night" from the Omen
    Username: Frost bite88

    Name: Dark Blood
    Age: 30 moons
    Gender: Male
    Personally: Cold, violent, aggressive, powerful, and controlling.
    Rank: Alpha
    Pack Legacy: Hidden Legacy
    Description: Red with black neck, back, ears, paws, and tail tip. Has dark orange eyes.
    Parents: Night Slash (Father, Dead), Black Pool (Mother, Dead)
    Siblings: Shade Leap (Sister, Dead)
    Mate: OPEN
    Pups: None yet
    Other Family: Star Wisp (Niece)
    History: Born in United Pack and become leader after his father.
    Username: Frost bite88

    Name: River Rush
    Age: 22 moons
    Gender: Female
    Personally: Kind hearted, caring, sweet, and loves most her Pack mates.
    Rank: Pack Paw
    Pack Legacy: Rushing Legacy
    Description: Silver wolf with slightly darker swirls others can really only see in sun light, she has aqua green eyes
    Parents: Tidal Eye (Father), Wave Splash (Mother)
    Siblings: None
    Mate: None yet
    Pups: None yet
    Other Family: None
    History: Born and raised in United Pack
    Other: None
    Username: Frost bite88

    Name: Cliff Soar
    Age: 26 moons
    Gender: Male
    Personally: Serious, loyal, brave, and bold
    Rank: Beta
    Pack Legacy: Flying Legacy
    Description: Russet with brown, dark brown, and red patchs. Has sky blue eyes.
    Parents: Boulder Talon (Father), Pebble Skip (Mother)
    Siblings: None
    Mate: None yet
    Pups: None yet
    Other Family: None
    History: Born in United pack and is extremely loyal
    Username: Frost bite88
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  3. Forum to Join

    Name:Jay Wing
    Age:10 moons
    Personally:She came be stern and sharp but she is great at healing.She thinks ahead and doesn't rush forward unlike her brother.
    Rank:Healer To-Be
    Pack Legacy:Hidden Legacy
    Description:She is quiet fluffy and her coatis black but she has reddish paws and muzzle.
    Parents:Winter Wing(Father, dead)Feather Heart(Mother, Dead)
    Siblings:Splash Fur(Brother)
    Other Family:Fern Shade, Raven Fur, Stone Wing, Bird Heart, Braken Claw, Moon Frost
    History:Jay Wing always wanted to be a Healer since the day she learned about them.

    Forum to Join

    Name:Fern Shade
    Age:28 moons
    Personally:Kind, loving
    Rank:Nest Mother
    Pack Legacy:Hidden Legacy
    Description:pure black with electric blue eyes.
    Parents:Moon Frost(Mother, Pack Paw)Stone Wing(Father. Dead)
    Siblings:Bird Heart(sister. Pack Paw),Feather Heart(Sister, Dead)
    Mate:Braken Claw(Dead)
    Pups:Raven Fur
    Other Family:Jay Wing(Niece)

    Forum to Join

    Name:Raven Fur/Moon Frost/Bird Heart/Splash Fur
    Personally:Kind, Thoughtful, Loyal, Storng, Willing to give up/Loyla, loving/Shy, loving, loyal/A bit rouge, but kind
    Rank:pup/Pack Paw/Pack Paw/Pack Paw
    Pack Legacy:Hiddin/Hidden/Hidden/Hidden
    Description:pure Black pup with green eyes/Frosty Gray/Golden ith a missing eyes dew to a fight/Spalshy gray
    Parents:Fernshade(Mom)Bracken Fur(Dad, Dead)/Unknown/Moon Frost(Mom)Stone Wind(Dad, Dead)/unknown
    Siblings:None/None/Fernshade, Feather Heart/Unknown
    Mate:None/Bracken Fur(dead)/None/Open
    Pups:None/Fern Shade, Feather Heart, Bird Heart/None
    Other Family:Jay Wing, Moon Frost, Stone Wing, Bird Heart, Feather Heart/Raven Fur, Bracken Fur, Jay Wing/Raven Fur, Bracken Fur, Jay Wing/Unknown
    History:Raven Furs father, Bracken Fur died in battle rig befor e she was born and her mother, Fern Shade, named her after him/res hidden

    Will Finshish
    After frost!
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