The Fight

Shleya Remmos

6 Years
The entire world is crumbling; falling apart. You're one of the survivors that could endure the hardships of WWIV. Every moment a struggle, as you try to survive. Some have strange mutated abilities that result from the harsh conditions and radiation.The people around you are just trying to survive as well. With only few mutated forests left, people flock to them as a source of food and water. Animal instincts are emerging, fighting others back to keep them away from the few resources left. Your only task: survive.

-All BYC rules apply.
-Respect the Goldfish (Goldfish=other rpers)
-No cursing. Period.
-No god modding
-No sob stories (Too much experience with that)
-No duplicate powers/abilities
-Two powers Max
-Two pets Max
-No characters are 'better' than others. (I will see to that personally.)
-No Killing/seriously injuring other characters without the rper's consent.
-Your characters are not allowed to know how to use any weapon of some sort.
-No overpopulation of girls.
-Whatever i say goes, sorry, my rp
-Do not copy this rp unless given perm by me.
-Try your best to find a picture for your character form
-When fighting, only one move per post, whether it's blocking an attack or attacking. Both count.
-When fighting, you can't be invincible get a couple minor wounds or a major wound each fight.

Additional comments:
This Rp is one where You (that's right) you create the story, your OWN story, don't copy what others are doing. Be creative, and Think (Oh no, brain use!
). In addition, People don't like each other. as the rp progresses, some alliances may be formed, but generally, you fight anyone who tries to take your food, or fight others for theirs. (I discourage any pre-made alliances... rp it out guys...) In every fight, a character has to run away it's up to you to decide how that happens. Remember, this is like the end of the world. (This is a no brainer.) Everyone who has survived this long has to be blindingly brilliant. If you read this, congrats. put Survive, in a creative way so people who didn't read this haven't a clue, in the 'Other' section else your character won't be accepted. Also, in the Pets section, you are allowed to have made up creatures, but none big enough to ride.

Character Form:

History: (Optional)

Member Page

How to Start: Wake up somewhere in or close to a forest where all rper's will be. (*Sets Free*) and make them do their own thing, maybe find another rper and have a fight.
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7 Years
Name: Caitlynn
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Enjoys having novel experiences and seeing things in new ways, relatively social and enjoys the company of others, good-natured, courteous, supportive, but can be a little crazy sometimes. Generally sees the cup as half-full, but can become very pessimistic and moody.
Pet: Havana Brown cat(yes, I AM a cat lady xD), Barn Owl
Power/Ability: Persuasion, Illusions
History: She hasn't seen her family for a long time, and believes them to be dead.

Other: She has worked hard to survive this long.
Username: Mantha8225

Shleya Remmos

6 Years
(Btw be sure to check out member page.)
Eli's eyes flickered open. He was propped in a high branch that swayed with the breeze and dipped precariously under his weight. Suddenly alert, he scanned around, not that he could see much but the forest floor below him. He slipped down the tree and when his feet hit the ground he rolled. Springing upright he stayed still for a few seconds nerves tingling before he relaxed; slightly. Looking back at Zero, he saw he was relaxed as well. He looked up for Aalia, not seeing her, he decided she'd find him later when she was finished hunting. He then set off towards the place where he had seen what looked to be some sort of berry bush earlier, before he was chased off. Zero slipped in place quietly behind him.
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Dec 2, 2013
Dreaming of colder weather....
Name: Samantha (Sam)
Age: 23
Gender: female
Personality: Smart, witty, tomboy, brave, has a short temper, kind, tough.
Pet: border collie x blue heeler, Badger
Power/Ability: Telekinesis
History: (Optional) She ran away from her large family of 12 to start one of her own.

Other: She will do almost anything to survive.
Username: charnic44

Name: Wes
Age: 24
Gender: male
Personality: Smart, witty, brave, overconfident sometimes, will defend Sam with his life.
Pet: German Shepard, Dani
Power/Ability: telepathic
History: (Optional) His mom and dad died and he was an only child.

Other: His motto: To survive another day.
Username: charnic44
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