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Feb 20, 2009
It is time to tell my story here. I have been going to this forum form the start of bring hens to the farm. I have been caring for chicks now, 20 that are 14 and 11 weeks old. For Full Circle Farm is an 11-acre sustainable, educational farm nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley. Located on Santa Clara Unified School District land, our goals are to inspire curiosity about the natural world, cultivate environmental leadership, and promote meaningful physical activity and a deep appreciation of fresh, healthy foods. I started by Incubating 12 eggs only 1 hatch then she did not make it. Then I got 3 welsummers at week old then I got 4 Rhode Island Reds,4 Silver Laced Wyandotes, 4 Americaunas, 6 Buffs Orpington, 2 Black Sex Links from the 4h here. They stayed at home for about 6 weeks then to the farm they want. Where they have nice coop and yard to play in. I have been working with the community sharing how sweet chicken can be. The chicks have had 100s of little hand on them the first for many of the kids. All the hard work pays off then you see the look in a child eye when they get to pet or feed a chicken. If you would like to know more about what we do at the farm here is our web site

mother hen at Full Circle Farm










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