The Forest of Hands and Teeth (RP)

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    Story Line

    You live in a town ruled by the Sisterhood and the Guardians. The village is surrounded by fences; beyond lies only forest. There are only three ways through the fence: gates that open on paths that are themselves enclosed by fencing, expelling those who've been infected. Where the two paths lead, no one knows, for the Sisterhood says the village is the only human habitation left on Earth. You have been raised on stories passed down from your family about life before the coming of zombies. Your adventure starts when there is a breaching in the fence. You must escape, find true love, and friendship while figuring out the mystery behind the other gates and fences.

    So, will you survive? Or be the one left behind, and die?


    No Mary/Gary sues

    No god modding

    Be realistic. It's a zombie rp, and, you at least have to get attacked, injured etc

    You can be any age you want

    No magic/powers

    And, yes, this is based off the book.

    I run this, but I will establish staff

    Read the books to find out the rest

    You may have a pet

    And have fun

    If a zombie bites, you, you can not go back to being human. No questions asked, but you may play as a zombie, and do whatever, but ask permission to kill someone Carrie first

    Also, NO pictures, only description

    I will wright in the color Blue for announcements

    Put 47 in the other info place on your form, so I know you read the rules


    Forest: the forest is ove runned by zombies, but there is a fence, keeping them out, off the paths, but beware, the fence doesn't always hold in the zombies...

    Villages: there are villages around, some far, some close. Villages could be wiped out by the overrunning of zombies, and yes, you can carry loot, but be careful what you choose...

    Outside the paths: if you are not in the fence, where the paths are, it's most likely, you will die, because there is so many zombies


    Right, now, we are getting started


    Username: (...)
    Name: ( middle, and last names would be cool)
    Gender: (really?)
    Age: (what's your age)
    Appearance: ( how you look like)
    Personality: ( you should know)
    Family: ( sibling? Mother father?)
    History: ( you should know)
    Crush: ( look up above)
    Girl/boyfriend: (married? Dating?)
    Pet: (if wants/haves one)
    Other Info:

    ( also, please don't put any parentheses or those words, by the from like I did. Thank you)


    Username: willowjay
    Name: Blane Anaya Faye
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: elbow long, auburn hair, sky blue eyes, slim, and tall, but also well muscled, straight nose, and long legs, super flexible, and is described as beautiful, and the boys think she's a hotty, and she has olive skin, and she is 5'8
    Personality: hot-headed, and daring, but has a soft side if you know how to get to it
    Family: Jade her sister
    History: she grew up with her sister at the village, an lived a normal life, but Blane has always has had a fascination with the ocean. Nobody has ever seen it before, and she believes that if she finds it, she will be free, from all the Mudo. (aka, zombies). Her parents died at a young age, and she has blocked her heart off
    Pet: dog name Argos, that's a black lab
    Other info: 47

    Username: Metalstrike1
    Name: Blaise Skye Faye
    Gender: female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: has hip long raven black hair, piercing green green eyes, that could put you in a trance, pale skin, straight nose, and long, skinny, straight fingers, and nice body, and is 5'7
    Personality: shy, sensitive, and usually drifts off in her own little world
    Family: Blane her sister
    History: grew up with her older sister, at the village, and lived a normal life. She thinks Blane's fascination of the ocean is stupid, but inside, she really does believe her, and the stories, and that if they get to the ocean, they will be free
    Crush: looking
    Gril:boyfriend: looking
    Pet: Argos, black lab
    Other info: 47

    Name:Wintent Danielle Smith
    Age:16 1/2
    Appearance:Curly white hair that reaches her knees that she usally keeps in a briad. She has beautiful dazzling blue eyes that look like the sky. She has a very pale complexion that often makes people think she's sick. She is 5'4. She usually wears jeans and a tank top.
    Personality:Shy is quiet and timid. She doesn't enjoy being in crowds or socializing at all. She has built walls around her heart that probably won't be knocked down without hurting her emotionally. She hates being bothered while thinking but never shows how much it bothers her.
    Family:Mother (Deceased) Father, Older brother (Deceased)
    History:Her mother died giving birth to her, and she barely made it. Her father hated her for that even though it wasnt her fault and would usually beat her. Her whole life her brother had stood up for her when people would make fun, of her but one day he stood up against there father when he was beating her and her father ended up beating him to death. She was devastated by the death of her brother and closed up to people not letting anyone in. By this time in her life she thinks less of herself and blames herself for almost everything.
    Other Info:47
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