The Four Roosters of the Apocalypse

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    Apr 2, 2010
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    Today I brought home four roosters from someone giving them away. They're fairly young and pretty, but the person had no desire to keep them through the winter or pay for their upkeep until they gained enough weight to butcher. They're two BRs, one NHR, and one Light Brahma. I'll keep them for about a month until they gain enough weight and butcher them.

    In the meantime, these roos were funny. One of the BR and my turkey sparred a bit (no real spurs, so no damage). They crowed at each other and crowed at my chickens in the other pen. It was funny when one chicken sang the egg song and they all joined in.

    I can see I'm going to have an amusing, if loud, group. [​IMG]
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    We currently have 8 roosters, two are going to a new home soon and I'm looking for a new home for 4 of them. But 6 are living in my secure pen and have taken to crowing at 4:30 in the morning [​IMG] . But they are funny to watch, they love to flirt with the girls through the fence.
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