The Fowl Farm Game!

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    Hello!and welcome to my game!

    This is were you have a farm with chickens and peafowl, ducks and turkeys or all!its unlimited what fowl you can have!here you must sell your eggs, meat, and show your birds to get money!you may also sell veggies!

    The farm store will be opening soon!watch for updates.

    Yes, I know this is somewhat like the ducks ladies duckfarm game.

    But, you don't have to pick a can choose when your fowl lays, molts, broods and more!(when brooding, please keep it reasonable ;))
    You may advertise on here for anything at your fowl farm you sell!you can sell it to other users, or the farm store.

    Have fun!

    Name Of Farm:
    Wich Types Of Fowl?:
    How many birds?:
    Breeds Of Fowl:
    Names Of Fowl:

    Also, we all start out with $600

    Have fun!

    My Farm

    Name Of Farm:Luna Of Moon Light Lake
    Wich Types Of Fowl?:Emus, Chickens, Ducks.
    How Many Birds?:8 Chickens, 4 Ducks, 2 Emus.
    Breeds Of Fowl:Chickens:4 Easter Eggers, 2 White Leghorns, 1 Barred rock 1 20 meat birds.uhh...Emus?...2 mixed breeds 2 Butter Scotch Calls.
    Names Of Fowl:Easter Eggers(All hens.1 gray and brown and brown and 1 gray, brown, and tan.)Gray:Cinder.brown/black:Athena.brown:Brownie.gray/brown:tan:Raven.Leghorns(One Roo, One Hen)hen:Harriet.Roo:Dianthus.Barred Rock(hen):pebbles.Silkie:Frost. Ducks: mixed breeds:One Hen, One Drake)Drake:Arko, Hen:Autum.Calls(hens)Trudi, Hera. Emus(one hens, one male):Male:pine, Female:Rain.

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