The frustrations of buying goldens as chicks...and run plans :)

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    Jul 29, 2011
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    Well, here I am, totally new to pheasants and extremely excited to have my first birds after wanting them for many years. Now comes the fun part: making sure I have the right ratios. I bought 6 total red golds from two different breeders and what I ended up with is 5 males and 1 female! Sheesh...I take it by the posts that this is quite common:p But I have to admit it's fun figuring out the sex, and oh so easy now that I see it! Are Lady Amhersts this bad too? I'll be getting a young pair soon, and the guy I'm getting them from is really nice but uses unconventional sexing methods. If they're anything like the Goldens then I'll know for sure what I'm getting right off the bat [​IMG] I used the tail barring and eye colors to know what mine are.

    On another note, has anyone ever built their barn/run starting with a carport? I thought this would be a nice and inexpensive way to make multiple runs with an interior barn type structure. I'll try to scan it in soon. It'll have three 6.6x 18 ft runs on each side with 4x5 ft interior pens. Access will only be from inside the barn so it makes use of a double door system. The 'barn' will also give me room for brooders and feed storage right there and ready to go.

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