The gender thing is gonna drive me nuts


10 Years
Feb 21, 2009
Columbia river gorge
I got 4 chicks , 2 RIR , 1 BR and 1 silkie
they were sapose to be 90% chance of Hens/pullets what not .
but I sereously wonder about my RIR, there big there twice the size of the BR , though they started out the same size. there little combs above there noses are bigger then the BR to they have more feathers and one espeacally has this stand tall strut thing going on. Is this a breed thing or a gender thing or nether?
The "stand tall strut thing" would make me nervous, but really Gabrielle your chicks are too young to tell. Give it a few more weeks then post pics.
I know how you feel. I have 10 Marans right now. I have been trying to sex them. I think I have 6-M and 4-F. I hate to wait.
My RIR (suppose to be pullets) did act like a rooster and grew faster than my others and in the end they ended up being hens. maybe its just a RIR thing??

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