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My Coop
This morning I take out last night's leftovers of beans and one hot dog, a partial bun and some french fries. As usual the flock comes tearing across the yard, wings flapping, chattering away in their excitement to see what I brought. And as usual the RIR rooster eyes the offerings and politely defers to the girls. I'm watching this thinking of the posts I've read on BYC how the good rooster takes care of his girls. I'm amused that he never partakes. He always checks out the goodies but never takes any for himself.

As usual the girls grab their choice tidbits and move away from the central area a little to enjoy their prize. I see that "Red" has found something interesting in the grass nearby. He coos enticinlgly to the nearest hen. "Look what I found!" "Come here and get it!" "Looky here!" He coos and looks at the morsel. He coos again. When the hen of his attraction comes over to investigate, he coureously backs away and gives her the morsel he has found.

What a gentlemen!

Or so you might think.

Moment before he "found" that french fry, I observed him stealing it from another hen. He swiped it right out of her beak and chased her off. Then he broke it into smaller pieces, dropped it in the grass, and started his "look what I found just for you" song to the other hen.

I have a big RIR does the same thing, I love watching him with his hens. He will only have a bite of whatever I've brought after he's sure all the hens have had some first. Sometimes I hold a bit right up to his beak because I feel sorry for him but he either just stands there and won't take it or he takes it and feeds it to the nearest hen. I usually reserve a few pieces and after the hens loose interest and wander away I hand feed it to him. It's very nice to have a good rooster.
I laughed until I cried after reading this post. I can so picture this. I have a very gentlemanly rooster. Perhaps I should watch him a little more closely.
My dominant rooster, Carl, will sometimes fake finding something really special for the girls. He makes the "tid-bit" call but only has a pretty rock or leaf to share. He does this solely to lure a gullible pullet over for some lovin'. (The older gals usually don't fall for the trick. They might gather, but if they don't see something edible, they lose interest.)

Clever boy. It makes me smile.
I got a laugh out of this, as well as some of the replies. I've got a very gentleman-like rooster, too, and it makes me wonder how he acts when I'm not looking. He sure seems proud of himself when he "finds" something.
My DD has a white silkie rooster like this. But heres the funny thing. I have him in with my girls for right now, all 11 of mine(3BR, 2 LF light Brahma, 1araucana, rest silkies) plus DD's 3 silkies. Whenever we see him he is only around his 2 white girls and my 3 3mth old splash silkie pullets and roo hes kinda adopted them and helps take care of them even thought they are half grown! Well I have never seen him mounting any girls but his 2 white hens.... My splash roo is not crowing yet and is just sorta trying to mount 1 of my pullets but not successfully. Last couple of weeks 2 of my Large fowl BR and 1 of my huge large flock light brahmas is laying fertile eggs!!!! I guess the sweet talkin is paying off

Tonight I fed my birds some warm peas cause its a cold night and he brought a couple peas into the coop to his favorite girl who was inside laying an egg!!!!

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