The girls are flying


10 Years
Feb 1, 2009
Valley Springs, Ca.
Well at least attempting to. Two weeks old and an EE jumped up flapping and flew across the brooder this morning. Funny to watch, for about the past 3 or 4 day's when I turn on the lights in the morning in the room where the brooder is, they all stretch then start running around flapping and gettine some air. But this morning was a Wright bros. flight, straight across the brooder. Brooder is 45"L X 45"W x 30"H so they have room to fly. The girls are keeping us entertained on a daily basis with their antics.


Artful Wings
13 Years
Mar 1, 2009
Muskogee OK
LOL!Mine are too, the brooder is the spare bathroom, they are running then attaining some height, then bumping each other and the staring- not sure what that is all about! and they love sitting in my lap then getting a running start and going at it again...who needs tv with these gals?? Then one loves sitting on my shoulder... and launching

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