The girls aren't going in at night. What to do?


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Oct 4, 2011
N. Cal
Hello BC friends, I’m hoping you can help shed some light on a problem I’m having. I am new to chickens, so please don’t assume I’ve already tried something or should know better J My girls are about 2 months old and were just put into their brand new coop/outdoor run 2 weeks ago. They go in and out of the coop to eat and drink, but it seems that they don’t understand that they should be sleeping indoors at night. I thought that they had gotten the idea – a few evenings in a row we went out to check on them and found that they were in their coop (their little hatch door into the run doesn’t have a door, it’s just an opening since the whole run is fully enclosed) but I when I go to check on them when I leave for work at 5:20 am, they are sleeping underneath the coop. The coop is a on a hillside so the ground comes up and meets the underside of the coop. I’m thinking that since they were moved out of their brooder (AKA, my bathroom) into their big roomy coop, that they feel too exposed in the coop and feel that tje small space under the coop to be more secure. We did lock them in the coop and closed up the hole for a day/night to make sure they knew it was home but apparently it didn’t stick. Any ideas on how to get the girls to go in at night?
I would suggest locking them in the coop every night. In addition to assuring that they stay inside doing so provides another level of protection from predators.
I locked them for few days (all day long) in the coop with food and water first week.

And leave a light in there up until it gets dark (until 8 PM EST or as appropriate).
My theory is that, as it gets dark, their eye sight diminishes and some times they
dont get idea of getting inside. My observation is that light invites me in and then
you close the coop and switch off light.
Ok, we locked them in last night and all day today. We'll do that for the next few days or a week and see if that does the trick. Thanks guys ;)

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