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    Oct 16, 2013
    I have 5 Black Sex Links about 5 months old and have been in their new coop about week. Before that they were in a pretty small (2x4) area. The coop is 4x4 with an additional 3x1 nesting area (3 independant 1x1 boxes) and nice size run. But each night when they go in the coop, they all 5 squeeze into 1 nesting box. What the...? I have roosting bars, nice big area for the 5, why would they do this? That's like buying your kids each a new bed just to wake up the next morning and they are all in the same bed.
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    Oct 10, 2013
    they are most likely used to being snuggled together and will take some time adjusting to their new digs. you can go in at night and removing them from the nesting box and place them on the roosting bars, after doing that a few times they should start doing that on their own.
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    That is exactly what it is. I have 9 five and a half months pullets (and 2 cockerels) they have been sleeping in a roosting box since I moved them to their coop (when they were 4 weeks old) the other three roosting boxes remain empty till this date. I am still waiting for the day when they will spread around into the other roosting boxes.
    I have moved some of them at night when they go to roost and for that night they would sleep where I place them, the next one they are back in what I call "the chicken bundle" It will probably take many nights of spreading them around before they get the picture so I am just going to watch and wait until they spread around on their own.
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    As long as your roosting bars are higher up than the nesting boxes then I'd just put them on the roosting bars every night and after awhile they will just do it themselves. Them sleeping in the nesting boxes will end up in poop covered eggs and possibly broken eggs. If they start egg eating then you'll really have a problem on your hands.

    Also it's recommended that you allow 4sq ft per bird inside the coop so your coop might end up being a bit small for five birds. It'll depend on your birds personalities though if they start fighting with each other due to overcrowding. It's not like they are spending all their time in the coop anyways ;)
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