The girls must be po'd

Honey Maid

5 Years
Jan 11, 2015
State of Jefferson
Kind of funny actually. About 4 or 5 days ago, I quit giving my ducks water and food at night, when they are locked up in the coop. Even though I had their water bucket in a bottom half of a dog kennel, the hay would get soaking wet, and REAl poopy over night. They've started to not lay in the nest, now they hide the eggs outside of the nest, I found one this morning by stepping on it. I've 8 hens, 3 will lay in the same spot, and easy to see, the rest of them hide their eggs. But no one lays in the nest anymore.

It's worth it though, they seem to be fine with not having access to food and water at night, and the coop does stay much cleaner and drier.

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