The girls went CRAZY for ALOE! Is it healthy?

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  1. So a foot long spear of an aloe plant broke off and I decided to see if my 10 week old BR pullets like it. I broke it into big chunks, and before I could even get my hand in the run, they were grabbing it! Gloppy globs of clear thick aloe juice dripping from their beaks like snotty nosed kids!! One made a strange squawk as she realized how un-ladylike she looked with the ooze hanging off her chin and face, but they greedily devoured it anyway playing keep-away with the pieces. I assume its safe as aloe has natural properties that are good for us. Any ideas or info about aloe and chickies??

  2. sumi

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    Aloe is great! I used to chop it up and put pieces in my chickens' water bowl. It's full of good things and it's so good for chickens.
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    Our birds are into it all the time and have been for generations with no ill effects here in AZ....
  4. OOoo. That sounds like a good idea!! :D

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