The girls won't lay


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Apr 4, 2013
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I have 4 buff orp hens and a Rooster. Up until the last month they were laying 3-4 eggs every single day. Now all of a sudden ALL 4 hens have just completely quit laying. I have not had one egg in over a month. Is this typical behavior? Any advice would be appreciated.
Have they started losing feathers? And, how old are your hens? They could be going into a molt (which is very common at this time of year). Daylight hours should be decreasing around now as well, which might account for the stopping of laying as well. In the past month, has there been any stressful ocurrence (a move, change in housing, predator attack, etc)? This could also make hens stop laying.

What are you feeding them? Hens in lay should have layer feed. If you don't provide it, they may not lay as well.

Is it possible that they are hiding their eggs? Look around and see if you can spot a hiding place that they could be laying eggs instead.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!
They will be a year old in November. They are not losing their feathers. No stressful occurrences and they are not hiding their eggs. I thought about that and normally I let they free range during they day so I have kept them locked up in their coop thinking that they were laying elsewhere, but no. There is no place for them to hide them in the coop or run that I wouldn't be able to see and believe me I have looked. They are are laying feed also so I am stumped. It is so frustrating. I have 4 perfectly healthy hens and I am having to buy eggs at the grocery store.

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