"The Golden Hen That Lays The Jumbo Brown Egg"


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Feb 27, 2010
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I can't remember where I read it but someone had posted about these that they had bought some and were not impressed, they were expecting great eggs layers and got just the opposite, they don't lay very well.
They did say that they were pretty but that doesn't put eggs in the fridge! It may have been in a thread somewhere here in BYC??

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They appear to be a hybrid...maybe Red Stars ( production reds, red comets) and Buff Plymouth Rock. Some hatcheries make their own "super chicken" to sell. As anyone who knows a thing about genetics would tell you, just because you breed a good egg layer, (red star) and a good meat bird ( buff rock) you will not neccesarally get a good utility bird. As far as the jumbo egg layer goes, my black stars lay nearly all jumbos!

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