The great chicken melting pot

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    Jul 12, 2010
    blanchard, louisiana
    ok i have a pen filled with several different breeds:
    ~3 silkie hens (had 8 but im in a losing war with a coon right now)
    ~2 standard cochin hens
    ~3 black rosecomb hens
    ~1 brc roo
    ~1 frizz cochin hen
    ~1 buff orpington (she must weigh maybe 20-30 lbs jk)
    ~1 buff japanese roo
    ~1 EE/ Black austrolorp? roo
    ~1 little hen that came from my grandpas, he started out with a lil cochin hen and some kind of game rooster and over the last 5 yrs they have all reproduced and brooded like a bizzilion chicks.
    ~5 chicks from the inbred hen and her brother or dad or something

    So does anyone have any of these crosses? I would like to see some pictures of these possible crosses if any of yaw have some.
    Thank you,

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