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    Well I have an idea! Instead of a new Bator VS Bator, What I would like to do is to take an LG, and break it down to its' raw components. Then re-engineer the thing to be a workable stable incubator. The LG is either Loved by their users, or Hated by their users. With that being said, my idea is basic... Set up the LG, for a week with egg subs, take temp readings and plot the variances. After that take it apart, and make modifications to it. Spending no more than 20 bucks, make it a usable stable incubator.

    I do have an LG on the way being donated by ZooMummzy

    Let me here your input!

    Wish we could make this into a Poll!
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    Really???? I just knew this would bring a comment, snide remark, flame, quip, quote, post-it
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    Oct 7, 2010
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    my LG was kicked to storage.
    I replaced it with the Brinsea Eco and will most likely never use the LG again.
    Have fun with your project.
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    I think you can do it and spend less than $20. Get two or three bags of decorative stones from Dollar Tree...fill the side cavities on the bottom with them...this will act as heat sinks and keep the temp stable. I also raised mine off the table by putting four pill bottle caps under the LG...this allows for better breathing through the little air holes in the bottom. Since I've done that with mine, my temps are stable. I've also noticed that using an egg turner changes the distance of the thermometer in relation to the heating element. This also changes the temperature readings.

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    Yeah Science !! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I think that before you start, you should LIST the parameters that you will measure to determine "improvement"....
    such as "degree of temperature fluctuation", "variance from Ideal temperature", "humidity peaks and valleys", etc.

    A "subjective" decision, made "after-the-fact", of which incubator may be better is probably useless.

    just a thought, [​IMG]
    -Junkmanme- [​IMG]
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    I have subscribed to this thread good sir!

    I have LG and I HATE IT!! [​IMG]
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    The bad points in an LG is adjustable resister (turn knob) an the thermal resister(temp probe). If you replace those with better ones I think it would probably work great. Knob needs to be out of the incubator away from the humidity an the probe needs to be out of the thermostat box.
  9. Hi!
    Set up the LG, for a week with egg subs, take temp readings and plot the variances.

    I have four Little Giant incubators running (three incubating and one for weekly hatching) --- what *variances* would you like me to plot?
    To be completely honest, I don't even keep a thermometer to monitor temps in the incubating LG incubators, I only keep a thermometer in the LG I use as a hatcher.
    Every egg that is fertile develops on schedule. I used to watch them closely and monitor MIN/MAX temp. As long as I keep my ambient temps in the proper range, the LG thermostat's do their part. I'd know there was a problem if eggs didn't grow properly.
    I had an element go out on one, but I could hear it going zzzzt...zzzzt...zzzzt as it was going out and caught it before all the eggs perished. It was from an old bunch of scrap Hovabators and LGs I was given and was just wore out.
    ...the thermal resister (temp probe)...

    Where is that in the thermostat?
  10. rebelcowboysnb

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    Its on the bottom of the thermostat an looks exactly like this... The tip part
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