The Halloween Story


9 Years
Sep 6, 2010
We are going to write a Halloween story! YAY! Add a sentence to the story! Make it as creepy as possible

One cold, dreary night, a person with their dog pulled up to an abandoned castle.
The castle itself was eerie, decrepit, dark, and stone cold. The mere sight of it sent shivers up the person's back as he wearily stumbled to the oak door, for he was very tired. Said door opened with a 'creeeeeea...', and both he and the dog were greeted with...
The person laughed to himself, and patted the dog reasuringly. The dog took a few tenative steps forward, and growled.
A ghost in chains appeared, laughing evily. "OOOOH! OOOOH! You will remain here forever." And he advanced slowly towards the man.

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