The heat has reached Seattle

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    Well not this year... [​IMG]

    Local headlines:

    Does it seem like you can measure the amount of summer weather we've had this year with a stopwatch?

    Turns out, you probably can. In fact, head to see the latest blockbuster at the theater and Seattle's accumulative summer would be over and done long before the credits rolled.

    I've been curious since most of our warmest days as far as official high temperatures go don't seem to stay warm very long -- for example, the high on Friday was officially 76 at Sea-Tac Airport, but it was 63 a few hours later when the rain arrived. Or on July 2, it was 81 at 6 p.m. but 71 two hours later and 64 at 9 p.m.

    So if someone was to someday go back and look in the weather logs, it might have looked like Friday was a nice warm day. But it sure didn't feel like it at the time. Plenty of our other warm days have quickly cooled with the strong evening sea breezes or marine pushes.

    That got me to thinking -- just how long has it been *really* warm this summer in Seattle?

    While Sea-Tac Airport only reports temperatures on the hour, the University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Department keeps a minute-by-minute log of the weather station atop their roof on the Seattle campus. And since the UW is in the heart of Seattle, while the airport is more like the lower-left shin, I figure this could be an accurate representation of what a true Seattle person would have felt this summer.

    The mission: Find out how many minutes it's been at 80 degrees or warmer this year-- what I would call a true warm summer day in Seattle.

    The answer: 78 minutes.

    Imp- [​IMG]
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    Mar 3, 2008
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    We've had a cold summer to... seems like only 1 week of 80s and now its cold again! 54° right now and a forcast of rain till Friday! I've only taken the kids to the beach once this year! Oh well I hate heat and I prefer the cooler weather. My birds don't seem to mind either [​IMG]
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    Yup! I live in wonderful Washington also.
    We have family comming in from Minnesota next month, we called them and told them to bring sweaters and warm socks:lau
    They couldn't believe it when we told them about that report on the 78 minutes over 80 degrees.
    My horses don't know if they want to completely shed out their winter coats or just put on next years???[​IMG]
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    Your title made me think I missed something major................[​IMG]
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    I'll trade you!!! Over 100 for 20+ days in a row, most of them 103-106. No real rain since February. [​IMG]
  7. Imp

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    Quote:I think a lot of us here would take a few days of hot weather. But we couldn't take 20+ days. Very few people have AC. The murder rate would be like 100% [​IMG]

    This is looking like the second year without a summer. Last year we had one nice week in September. [​IMG]

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    You know how bad I want to slap you right??? [​IMG]
  9. Imp

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    Quote:wait till next year, when you are sick of seeing me post...

    "It has been raining nonstop for 3 years"

    Imp- [​IMG]
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