The Heat Treat


Apr 12, 2016
I wanted to share some of my treats the babies love cause it's hot n humid. My babes are feeling it.

Electrolytes every other day.
Ice blocks in waterers.

Pan with ice melts becomes a lil pool. 3 inch pan.

Frozen Okra, Frozen green beans, cucumbers, corn on the cob.

They get one treat (well 2 bags) in am and 2 bags in pm. = 18 chickens.

When they are stuck in the coop because of rain or at night, or just to have some fun, they get Alfalfa Hay and they love love it.

Of course no grass left in the coop Alfalfa hay = grass.

Every week I add 1 bag coarse sand, 1 bag of top soil, and spread DE when they are free ranging (before all that I spray the coop with apple cider vinegar. I get no mold at all. (Humidity)

They have a kid size pool for there bath (de, coarse sand, top soil.)

Top soil helps the seeds they don't eat grow into plants, so they have a possible garden one day, Of course they love to FORAGE and scrape holes in the ground to nest in, cooler.

My coops don't smell and the bugs don't even have a fighting chance....

They love bread crumbs, frozen oatmeal, plain grham crackers (rather that then anything.)

Just wanted to share heat treats....
My healthy coops.

Top Soil is dried out before going in coop.
I have cement blocks under feeders and waterers.
I have cement blocks a few cause they like those 2.

I made several roosts all different kinds

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