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The HenHouse's Story-A Documentary on my Flock! Chapters 8,9 Now Up!

Discussion in 'Pictures & Stories of My Chickens' started by ChickLover98, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. ChickLover98

    ChickLover98 The Chicken Princess

    Apr 24, 2010

    Hi! I'm ChickLover98 and I'm starting a documentary on my flock, that I have now had for almost 4 months! It will be a play-by-play documentary including updated pics and stories. Please subscribe, comment and give feedback! PM me with suggestions and comments!! Help mt flock's story become heard by spreading the word! Enjoy!

    Chapter 1- Beginner's Luck

    It all started when we lost our beloved... and only hen Jazzy. She was living with our goat and was a sweetie. She died of old age at age 7! We we're all devestated and loved chickens! A seemingly crazy idea emerged... Let's buid a coop and get a flock started. When it was set in stone and the coop was built, it was official. The HenHouse was born. We started off with getting six Amber Link chicks from our local Tractor Supply. Thay were healthy little fuzzybutts and were the cutest little things! They lived in a box with paper shreddings and a heatlamp for quite some time. Their favorite activity was practicing their flying skills as soon as they started to get wing feathers!! We never expected all six to make it through chickie hood, but I guess it was beginner's luck...

    Chapter 2- Movin' Out!

    Boy, does time fly! The names were offical: Thalia, Pheobe, Bianca, Chica, Flower and Daisy... The Chix Mix! Now, it's time to get a bigger cage and move on out to the garage!! We put them in a large cage and sat them on a table in my Pap's garage. We kept the heatlamp on most of the time, but turned it off on hotter days. Finally, the lamp was only on at night. When I came to see the chicks one morning, I counted five. Uh oh!! FIVE??? I swear, I have six! I searched the garage. How could a chick escape the cage? Finally, I gave up and went to give the five more food. Oh, my! I found the missing chick in the feeder!! She seemed lodged in there, so I gently pulled until the chick was free. Luckily, she escaped the incident with only a few scratches on her legs.
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  2. Leia's Chickens

    Leia's Chickens A Sunkissed Delight

    Jun 20, 2010
    Nice Stories!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. ChickLover98

    ChickLover98 The Chicken Princess

    Apr 24, 2010
    Please, remember to comment, so that I know you're reading and enjoying the documentary! [​IMG]

    Chapter 3- Time to Get Outdoors!

    It's time to get the chicks into the coop! They trasfered well and adapted quickly! Life was good for the chicks! they got treats and snacks daily and loved to scratch! We were reluctant to let them out of the coop to play, but the first time we did, they didn't even want to leave the coop! They went behind the tractor equiptment and hid! The next few times, they got used to it, and it came to the point where they didn't want to go in! It was fun to see them growing up, because they were all unique! Flower actually turned out fairly brown and Daisy, Thalia and Pheobe were fairly light brown. Chica and Bianca were all white! They all had different personalities, too! Flower and Thalia were die-hard troublemakers, Chica and Daisy are sweethearts and Pheobe and Bianca minded their own business. It was great! They all developed very differently, but they stuck together like glue. They were inseperable! What eould they do without each other?

    Chapter 4- Flower Takes a Field Day.

    It's Science Fair time. What better subject to display the intellegance of my chickens? Yep. That's right. My friend, who also has chickens, and I did a project called Chick Science. We did an experiment with colors that chicks prefer and a maze for chicks. I was so excited to show off the main attraction at the fair. Lil' Miss Flower! We put her in a cage with pig mat on the bottom and we drove to the fair. Boy, was she a HIT!!! Everybody absolutely LOVED her! She definately loved the attention! It was great! My friend had to leave, so I was left with Flower and the display. There was this one boy that wouldnt leave her alone! She was living large! Famous Flower was definately the main attraction of the fair! When it was time to end the fair, we took Flower home and the other chicks were squaking! They were jealous! Haha! (But they got over it!)

    Flower at 4 months

    Chapter 5- It's About Time!

    We have been expecting an egg for about 1 week, now, but nobody has started to lay yet. We went out with the pullets (Too big to call chicks!) to let them out to play and five dashed out. Oh, the curse of the six. Who was it in the coop, still? Thalia. She was all puffed up and hot. We all suspected that she was sick or over heated. She just looked... bigger...? We lured her out of the coop and watched what she did. She slowly stalked around and was acting lazy. I was really worried about her. She was fine this morning. She stopped and tried to poop, but all that came out was liquidy fluid. What should we do? I felt so sorry for her. Finally, she stopped walking and took up the stance that most chickens take to poop. she remained like that for a long time and... POP! Out fell an egg! She casually looked back and waked away like that was no big deal! She laid it on shale and I thought it broke, but thankfully, it was just a soft-shelled pullet egg. That was a great day for Thalia and also a very alaming one... We knew what we had to do... The first egg can mean a big change for a flock...
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  4. artsyrobin

    artsyrobin Artful Wings 9 Years

    Mar 1, 2009
    Muskogee OK
  5. ChickLover98

    ChickLover98 The Chicken Princess

    Apr 24, 2010
    Chapter 6- 3 and 1/2 Months Ago...

    Yes, three and a half months ago we made a mistake. We always had intentions of breeding chickens, but never could find a rooster. I've always dreamed of having a gigantic RIR roo, but chick season was over. We knew we should've gotten one a LONG time ago. My Pap runs a garage and has a few friends who own chickens. He kept asking around, but no one had a rooster for sale. One day, when I came home from gymnastics, my sister recognized a dog crate in sitting behind the back building. She asked my Pap what it was for, because my goat, nor my oversized sheltie can fit anymore. He said "Well..." Then I started taking wild guesses. He stopped me and asked, "You wanted a rooster, Right?" I said yeah. He said "What breed," I said RIR. He said "What color?" I said " It doesnt matter, but I like red." He said "well, listen, Mike and I got you a rooster. He's big and friendly..." I clapped. "Well, not THAT friendly. He's scared. Go see him. He's in a cage beside the coop." And thats when I ran to see my new rooster.

    Chapter 7- A Rooster's Story

    Oh, my god! Was he big!!! His comb was huge! He was a big white rooster with a green tail and gold. He was pacing around and looked startled. My pap came around the corner and helped me bring the cage into the coop, The roo was still freaking out, but the hens gathered around to see what in the world was going on. They didn't know what to expect. My Pap said that he had to stay in the cage for about a week. Later, I proved him wrong... And then again, but thats a different story... Then, my Pap told me his story. My neighbor, who has about 60 chickens came to get his car inspected while I was at gymnastics. He heard my pap say that I wanted a RIR rooster. My neighbor said that he had four and there was a smaller 1 year and 3 month old that didn't get enough food, because the bigger ones wouldnt let him. My pap said he'd take him and Mike and Pap went over to my neighbor's house to go rooster wranglin'. He was a disaster to be catching, because he was so scared. Finally, my neighbor grabbed his legs and scoopted him up. That was the story of the Rooster, who didnt have a name... Yet.

    Jasper (Just taken a few days ago)

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  6. ChickLover98

    ChickLover98 The Chicken Princess

    Apr 24, 2010
    Chapter 8- The Name Game

    Oh, the glorious task of naming a new bird... I was stumped. Casper... no. James... Maybe... Charles... What?? Mr. Green Jeans... Ok, now I'm seriously messed up. Think... Think... Think... Casper... Umm. Jasper???? Yeas!!! I got it!!! Jasper. Perfect. Ok, Jasper, ready for a new life of luxury!!?? The cage was still in the coop, and the hens took to laying on top and taking turns, trying to peck his green tail feathers. Ok, Ladies! Time to go out to play! I opened the coop oor and they all ran out. By this time, my hen, Thalia laid about 4 hard shelled eggs. One was a pullet egg and one got pecked to death. Bringing up the total of 6. It was time for Jasper to get adapted. We let Jasper into the coop while the hens were out. He ran around and explored. I opened the door to go in and Jasper was scared and I leftthe coop, We put him back in the cage and let the hens in.

    Chapter 9- Day Two Brings on a Fight.

    It was timeto try Jasper in the coop, against all odds. Thalia was used to being Alpha Female, so as soon as we opened thedoor to the cage, Thalia attacked Jasper!!!! Oh, thats not a very nice way to greet the newbie! My pap broke up the fight and Jasper went back into the cage. Flower LOVED him to death. She never left the top of that cage! I couldn't pry her off! She loved him and still, to this day, never left his side. There was a moment when I realized that jasper may be a miracle rooster in many ways. Adaption was something that I knew wasn't easy, but I had hope in Jasper. And one day, that hope shined through.
  7. ChickLover98

    ChickLover98 The Chicken Princess

    Apr 24, 2010
    I hope people are reading and enjoying the documentary! Please comment!

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