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    Sep 19, 2007
    Poolville, TX
    Well, we had our son's birthday party at our home on Saturday. We invited his whole kindergarten class, but only 6 kiddos showed up, which was fine. It was beautiful weather here, I mean perfection. Like 65, sunny, no humidity. PERFECT. The kiddos stayed out and played, ran, jumped, went lookin' for tadpoles in the tanks. BUT, my chickens were the hit of the party. The kids got such a kick out of collecting the eggs, and wanting to go look for more eggs every 10 minutes. The boys wanted to make a "nest" and keep the egg warm to hatch it. SO CUTE. Every child should get the "chicken experience". We all had such a wonderful day. Just wanted to share. [​IMG]
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    thanks for sharing.............that brought back so many memories of my kids when young......I miss those parties [​IMG] but now I can start on grandchildren.and this time with chickies [​IMG]
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    My neighbors son & his family came to visit them a few weeks ago and the little girl (who is about 8) was up at 6:30 that Sunday morning, ready to come over here and collect eggs. [​IMG]

    DH did let her come over and get some eggs before I got up.
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    Jan 26, 2007
    This type posts are much more interesting WITH PICTURES [​IMG]

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