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    We are being overrun with milk! We milk the girls once a day and are getting about a gallon a day of milk and a pint of cream! Times like this we wish we had a pile of teenagers in the house...

    We rebuilt a surge milker and built our own vacuum pump out of a old air compressor. This has dramatically dropped our milking times. Our old hand crank cream separator is now getting a work out! The worse part of the whole operation is the dishes involved. But the reward is well worth it! Butter, cheese, hot cocoa, etc.....

    Here is a link to our post today on making goat butter:

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    We love our milk too! If you make kefir or buttermilk, you will find it is very beloved by your poultry a well!
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    We are fortunate enough to have a neighbor who runs a dairy farm.
    We just show up with our bottle and he fills it for us with fresh milk.
    We just use a turkey baster to skim off the cream in the mornings for our coffee.
    Since we don't have an over-abundance of milk, we have not made any butter, but that would be nice since we eat a whole lot of butter.
    Gotta love fresh milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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