The humble ramshackle coop.


10 Years
Sep 2, 2009
saint augustine florida
Here are some pics of the was built in two stages, on the left side is the original a 4x4x5 elevated coop with two nest boxes inside, an insulated slant tin roof and perch, enclosed area is 8x8x8.
On the right side a lower run 8x8x4high, covered roof with slant tin top, access door in front and joins with the original coop on the left, total area is
16x8x4high with the exception of the left hand side which is 8' high. Coop completely surrounded with wire and pretty sheltered with a nice tree. Electric comes from the feed shed adjacent to coop via extension cord. Electric is for winter and a heat lamp. Feed and water suspended on the middle bar between the coop and run.


another view of the left side


There are five nest boxes but the ladies prefer the triangle one straight ahead from the door on the right. This was originally made for a broody hen to separate her and protect the chicks but now serves as a nesting option. there is a two holer low to the ground on the far left side with a towel covering the openings, bashful ladies you know...

A shot of the inside of the main coop, not a good one but there it is.


One of the ladies inspecting my camera work.


And the feed shed.

And lastly the inhabitants of the coop and run, 9 white barred rock and 9 golden orbs enjoying some scratch feed for photo opportunities and sheltered by a bunch of banana trees.


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