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Buttercup Chillin

11 Years
Oct 27, 2008
SouthEast TX
Those of you that have been around for almost a year or so know which birds I am talking about. It's Spring here.
If I can get them, they are females and I will need to come up with at least one male to breed them.
I may have what I need in my personal pens. But if I don't then I will be looking.

I need a specific Color Mutation to breed them.
I will be looking for males or potential males that are homozgous/heterozygous for the Fawn 2 color Mutation. Not the Fawn Mutation and not the Yellow mutations, Fawn 2. The Fawn 2 looks a little different. I know of one person that has a male that may possibly meet the necessary criterial. I may need more options.

I figure I will have 1 year to come up with the right male for them, 2 at the very most.
They are a color that is not normally seen, anywhere. But hopefully they will be.
Can you tell us (lol, at least, newbs like me who don't know) more about the Fawn 2 and how you would breed for it? There's a fellow local to me who has Fawns, but I wouldn't know the difference between Fawn and Fawn 2 if one ran up and bit me. All I know is they are pretty and I got some hatching eggs for DD. If you tell me what to look for, I'll ask Local Guy if he has any - he seemed pretty big into quail.
Fawn is a gene, not a color name anymore... My website covers many of the genes with little detail so it's easier to understand (I hope).

Italian, Manchurian, Roux dilute (those in the U.S), Scarlett, Red Range (also in the U.S) cream, cinnamon (abroad) carry Fawn, Fawn 2, Fawn 4...variants that create different colors, or slight color changes, based on their locus in the DNA mapping.

Buttercup will have to let you know what she is looking for so you can search, but what she is after will take time to create viable offspring as well.
I am sooo loving this. It reads like a good book. Go Buttercup. You and Quaillady and some of the others on here need to collaborate on a book. But, now that I think about it and read between the lines, I may be late in the suggestion....

Most respectfully,
Ok, I am very confused by the website as to just what combines to make what. My best guess is that what is being looked for is the Manchurian lack of striping and pinning on the fawn color??? I think?

What I got from the fellow is red and cinnamon split to fawn which should give me all 3 colors (depending on the genetic roll of the dice) but NOT the Fawn 2. But if I took fawn birds from that breeding and bred to either a Manchurian or a gold with rusty as opposed to dark striping on the face mask I'd be getting closer?

Are there any Mendelian type charts I could look at?

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