The Irresistible Feed

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    May 27, 2015
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    3 months ago, our 2 remaining hens forever lost their free range privileges after a predator attack that killed their two sisters. They were moved into confinement with 2 impossibly naive pullets whom they began to blame right away for everything. One of the worst things was the food! How can we eat crumbles or even scratch feed day after day when we’ve had a wild feast from which to forage???? Nothing could appease the hens, and yet the pullets seemed to love their dry Flock Raiser, happily scarfing it down. Someone on BYC suggested fermenting the feed (you can find forums describing how to make fermented feed- ff) and suddenly life was good again! Everyone loved the fermented crumbles, they couldn’t get enuf!! The hens began guarding the ff feeder and not allowing the pullets near their bowl. Now the pullets weren’t appreciating the dry crumbles so much any more and would sneak in and eat the ff whenever they had a chance.. Eventually the novelty wore off, and no one was thrilled about the ff, in any stage of fermentation, even un-fermented. They left quite a bit each day, but the hens were still jealously guarding it. Recently, I decided to set up another ff food bowl around the side of the coop, for the pullets. The youngsters were thrilled, their very own supply! I spent a few minutes keeping the hens away, and that seemed to make this new bowl absolutely irresistible! I had to refill it every hour! They more than tripled their consumption of the ff ! This will be day 3 and they still love it. I wonder how long it will take for the thrill to wear off. I sure like to see them eating so heartily.
    (so far I have only tried fermenting the flock raiser crumbles of which I have more than half a bag left.)
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    They know the good stuff when they see/smell/eat it! [​IMG]
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    That is so funny. Like my dogs just love a new brand of food if you give them a handful of it. But when they see you lug home a 50 pound sack, they won't eat it anymore.

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