The latest in the getting chickens saga

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    Aug 23, 2008
    My hubby finally agreed with me and we made plans to raise chickens this spring.

    So I was talking to my hubby about getting a portable greenhouse to start our vegetable garden in. Our last garden we planted and a week later we had an unseasonal late freeze. We covered our plants but most didn't survive and the ones that did didn't thrive. So he loves my idea and is on board. So you know what the turkey says to me.... "We can do the greenhouse if we put off the chickens indefinitely". To which I firmly replied "BS". The greenhouse has zip diddly to do with the chickens. He liked the idea and had already gotten on board. He was just trying to weasel out of the chickens.

    Also lately he's been talking about moving once our high schooler's graduate. Our son is a sophomore and daughter is a senior. He's worried that if anything were to happen with his job his opportunities would be limited. He wants to be within a half hour of the metroplex and says that we could find a doublewide with an acre or two pretty reasonable. So he's not hot on doing a coop and run here.

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