The Maiden Voyage

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    Our 6 chickies took up residence in our master bathroom when we brought them home at 1 day old. They are now 7 weeks old....time flies! Last week my husband finished our coop and they have been sleeping in their new digs since. They couldn't be happier. My favorite part of the day? When I open the door and they come running at me making the same exact entrance Kramer on Seinfeld would make as he entered Jerry's apartment. LOL

    One thing we did, besides building a coop that could probably hold 1000 chickens comfortably was, we built it in our garage. We have a 2 car garage, we only have one car. [​IMG] So we built the coop (insulated and all!) on the side of the garage that has the window. During the day the window can be open and they can walk up and down their ladder to their area and hang out comfortably! We have a lot of mountain lions, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, etc. I just wouldn't have been able to make the coop outside, I am a big stress bucket and would have never slept. So now I feel pretty confident they are safe at night.

    Here are a couple of pics from their housewarming party!




    Here she comes, doing the Kramer!

    Girls just wanna have fun!

    Thanks for checking out our girlers!

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    Cute girls. Love the Kramer reference! Video would be even better [​IMG]

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