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~The Maiden's Secret Mirror~The sad loss of the royal family RP~

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by Silkie Chicken, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Silkie Chicken

    Silkie Chicken King Silkie

    Feb 22, 2012
    ~The Maiden's Secret Mirror RP~
    ~The sad loss of the royal family~
    It was the night of the Festival in the great Kingdom of Wesvelia, the fest was very huge and mostly everyone in the kingdom was involved in it, there was food, drinks, dancing, singing, and tons more at the fest. During midways of the fest about 8:00 pm the Flevish Tribe came from there homes in the great Leshivia mountains, the tribe broke fire to most the houses in the kingdom, and a big war broke in the kingdom. The king, the queen, the prince, and the princess looked for a room to hide in and stay protected. As the royal family searched for a secret room, they saw a old room that use to belong to a maiden that helped in the castle long ago. They opened the door knowing no one would find them, and walked in and the room was filled in dust. The only thing in the room was a old mirror that must have belonged to the maiden long ago. The queen looked in side the mirror, she dusted the mirror glass off, but as she was, her hand went straight through the tall mirror. She jumped in shock, and as soon as the royal family noticed it was a portal to a new land...a new world they started to bring mostly every citizen in the kingdom into the secret world, as the mean Flevish Tribe was still setting fire to the Wesvelia Kingdom. After they got most the citizens in the portal, the royal family was still not in the portal because they waited for all the rest of the citizens to go in, the king and queen entered inside the magical world, and all that was left to come in the portal the the prince and princess, as the prince started to step his foot in the portal a mean troll through a sharp rock at the mirror , and the mirror shattered to the floor as all the glass broke in to pieces. It was said that the prince and princess were held hostage in the Leshivia Mountains by the Flevish Tribe. The King and Queen where devastated that there kids where took by the mean old Flevish Tribe. With the small amount of pieces left from the mirror it is up to all of the good people of the new magic world from the kingdom of Wesvelia to build homes, castles, shops and much more. It is also up to all the people to one day fix the broken mirror and return to the home with magic or something from the new lands sorces. Every month on the first there will be a huge meeting celibrating the found of the new world, but also of that night there is a meeting help discussing all the things they can do to try to fix the mirror and defeat the Flevish Tribe. Until then the prince and princess are held by the evil Flevish Tribe.

    Try not to cuss.
    Be kind.
    You can have fights but i will declare who wins.
    Keep it PG-13.
    Update charrie at least every week.
    You can have as many characters as you want but you have to update them.
    Your character can not die unless the owner of the charrie want there charrie to die, but try to make another if they die.
    Thats all.....the most important though is to have your fun and try your best.

    Wesvelia Citizens:
    These citizens live in the new magical found world but are the citizens of Wesvelia. Most people are humans, vampires, elves, wizards, and pixies ( Stay with in these faes or if you want an other choice PM me what you want if it is not listed, but trolls and ogers and all that stay within the Felvish Tribe.) Most everyone in the new world are nice and happy. Some fights may happen.

    Felvish Tribe Citizens:
    Very evil and mean. They still live in the Leshivia Mountains near the Wesvelia Kingdom. Most the faes in there kingdom are evil vampires, witches, trolls, ogers, evil elves, and evil pixies, and mostly any evil monster. There are no humans in that tribe. They hold the royal prince and princess and punish them just to be mean.

    Wesvelia Ranks:
    King: Closed ~Silkie Chicken~
    Queen: Closed ~Mipuppy1~
    Prince: Closed ( Still held hostage from the Flevish Tribe) ~Mipuppy1~
    Princess: Closed ( Still held hostage from the Flevish Tribe) ~Mipuppy1~
    Healer: 1 open
    Food Gatherer: 3 open
    Royal family helpers: 3 open
    Teachers: 5 open
    Kids: unlimited

    Warrior ( Knights): 10 open
    Followers: Unlimited
    Captain of Warriors: 1 open
    2nd in Command: 1 open

    Felvish Tribe Ranks:
    King: 1 open
    Queen:1 open
    Prince:Closed ~Mipuppy1~
    Princess: 1 open
    Healer:1 open
    Food Gatherer: 3 open
    Royal family Helpers: unlimited
    Teachers: 5 open
    Kids: unlimited
    Warrior (Knight): 10 open
    Followers: unlimited
    Captain of Warriors: 1 open
    2nd in command: 1 open

    RP Form:
    Real age:
    appearance age:

    Type of Fae:
    Citizen of: ( Wesvelia Kingdom or Felvish Tride)
    BYC User:

    (The name of the new magic world will be chosen when the RP starts, it will be chosen by the citizens of Wesvelia at the first meeting.)

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  2. Silkie Chicken

    Silkie Chicken King Silkie

    Feb 22, 2012
    Everyone have fun!!!! The RP will start soon!!!!
  3. Silkie Chicken

    Silkie Chicken King Silkie

    Feb 22, 2012
    Anyone please i worked hard. [​IMG]LOL
  4. Mipuppy1

    Mipuppy1 Songster

    sorry i'll post a form really soon (still think my carrie up)
  5. Silkie Chicken

    Silkie Chicken King Silkie

    Feb 22, 2012
    Name: King Brannon
    Real age: 305
    appearance age: 30
    Personality: Very kind, as long as you are on his side but when it comes to the Felvish Tribe he does not like them at all. If you get on his bad side you could be blood bait. If you are nice to him he will treat you with kindness too but another thing is never talk bad about animals in front of him. He also loves to get red roses and loves to get sweet goods.
    Type of Fae: Vampire
    Rank: King of Wesvelia
    Citizen of: ( Wesvelia Kingdom or Felvish Tride) Wesvelia
    Pet(s): A little exotic chocolate persian kitten, named Rocker. He is a boy.
    House: A soon to be build castle in the magic world.
    Spouse: Queen
    History: His family has ruled the Kingdom of Wesvelia for tons, and tons of years. How he got turned into a vampire was because he was very sick when he was a child and almost died so his vampire grandpa bit him, and then Brannon became a vampire.
    Other: He loves nature and all animals. He really loves his two kids and wife and hopes the best for all of them. Many years ago the felvish tribe was friends with the wesvelia kingdom but one day the felvish tribe trashed all the kingdom and tried to still the royal family, so that made all the felvish tribe turn into evil.
    BYC User: Silkie Chicken

  6. Mipuppy1

    Mipuppy1 Songster

    sorry is that pic LEN!?!?!
  7. Mipuppy1

    Mipuppy1 Songster

    Name: Diana
    Real age: 173
    appearance age: 21
    Personality: kind,gentle,fragile,sweet

    Type of Fae: Pixie
    Rank: Queen
    Citizen of: ( Wesvelia Kingdom or Felvish Tride) Wesvelia
    Pet(s): none
    House: (where the royal Wesvelia live)
    Crush: Brannon
    Spouse: Brannon
    BYC User: Mipuppy1
    Pic: [​IMG]
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2012

  8. Mipuppy1

    Mipuppy1 Songster

    Name: Isabella
    Real age: 57
    appearance age: 16
    Personality: brave, not at all timid, doesn't like being told what to do,

    Type of Fae: Wizard
    Rank: Princess
    Citizen of: ( Wesvelia Kingdom or Felvish Tride) Wesvelia
    Pet(s): none
    House: (shes being held hostage right now so a prison?)
    Crush: N/A
    Spouse: N/A
    History: TBA (cuz I feel lazy right now)
    Other: TBA
    BYC User: Mipuppy1
    Pic: [​IMG]
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2012
  9. Mipuppy1

    Mipuppy1 Songster

    reserve the Felvish prince for me please
  10. Silkie Chicken

    Silkie Chicken King Silkie

    Feb 22, 2012
    Who is Len or what is Len lol?

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