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    Chicken Breeds
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    put this URL into browser and all these breed pictures will come up

    The Chicken Breed Selector: UK Standardised Breeds
    Chicken Breeds Pictures and Information. From the large fowl like Australorps or Orpingtons to the smaller bantams like the Dutch, Belgian or Japanese, there’s usually a breed of chicken that will tickle your fancy!Cuckoo Houdan Head

    This page lists all 93 chicken breeds that are standardised in the British Poultry Standards and has a section for Hybrid crosses too.
    Whilst Hybrids are technically not pure breeds, we have also included a section for Hybrid chickens such as the Black Rock due to their popularity.

    Ancona ChickenAncona
    Light: Soft Feather Andalusian ChickenAndalusian
    Light: Soft Feather Appenzeller Barthuhner ChickenAppenzeller Barthuhner
    Light: Soft Feather Appenzeller Spitzhauben ChickenAppenzeller Spitzhauben
    Light: Soft Feather
    Araucana ChickenAraucana
    Light: Soft Feather Rumpless Araucana Chicken
    Rumpless Araucana
    Light: Soft Feather Asil Chicken
    Asil (Aseel)
    Asian Hard Feather Australorp ChickenAustralorp
    Heavy: Soft Feather
    Barbu D-Anvers ChickenBarbu d’Anvers
    Belgian Bantam Barbu D-Uccle Chicken
    Barbu d’Uccle
    Belgian Bantam Barbu de Watermael Chicken
    Barbu de Watermael
    Belgian Bantam Barbu D-Everberg Chicken
    Barbu d’Everberg
    Belgian Bantam
    Barbu de Grubbe Chicken
    Barbu du Grubbe
    Belgian Bantam Barnevelder ChickenBarnevelder
    Heavy: Soft Feather Booted BantamBooted Bantam
    True Bantam (Rare) Brahma Chicken
    Heavy: Soft Feather
    Brakel Chicken
    Light: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Campine Chicken
    Light: Soft Feather (Rare) Cochin Chicken
    Heavy: Soft Feather Croad Langshan
    Croad Langshan
    Heavy: Soft Feather
    Dominique Chicken
    Heavy: Soft Feather (Rare) Dorking Chicken
    Heavy: Soft Feather Dutch Bantam
    Dutch Bantam
    True Bantam Faverolles ChickenFaverolles
    Heavy: Soft Feather
    Fayoumi ChickensFayoumi
    Light: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Frizian ChickenFriesian
    Light: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Frizzle ChickenFrizzle
    Heavy: Soft Feather German Langshan ChickenGerman Langshan
    Heavy: Soft Feather
    Hamburgh ChickenHamburgh
    Light: Soft Feather Houdan ChickenHoudan
    Heavy: Soft Feather (Rare) Hybrid ChickenHybrids
    Not Pure Bred! Indian Game Chicken
    Indian Game
    Hard Feather
    Ixworth ChickenIxworth
    Heavy: Soft Feather (Rare) Japanese BantamJapanese Bantam
    True Bantam Jersey Giant ChickenJersey Giant
    Heavy: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Ko Shamo Chicken
    Ko Shamo
    Asian Hard Feather
    Kraiencoppe ChickenKraienkoppe / Twentse
    Light: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Kulang Asil Chicken
    Asian Hard Feather La Fleche Chicken
    La Flèche
    Heavy: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Lakenvelder Chicken
    Light: Soft Feather
    Legbar ChickenLegbar
    Light: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Autosexing Leghorn ChickenLeghorn
    Light: Soft Feather Lincolnshire BuffLincolnshire Buff
    Heavy: Soft Feather Malay Chicken
    Asian Hard Feather
    Marans ChickenMarans
    Heavy: Soft Feather Marsh Daisy ChickenMarsh Daisy
    Light: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Minorca ChickenMinorca
    Light: Soft Feather Modern Game Chicken
    Modern Game
    Hard Feather
    Modern Langshan Chicken
    Modern Langshan
    Heavy: Soft Feather (Rare) Nankin Bantam
    Nankin Bantam
    True Bantam
    (Rare) Nankin Shamo Chicken
    Nankin Shamo
    Asian Hard Feather
    Extinct in the UK New Hampshire Red Chicken
    New Hampshire Red
    Heavy: Soft Feather
    Norfolk Grey ChickenNorfolk Grey
    Heavy: Soft Feather (Rare) Ohiki ChickenOhiki
    True Bantam
    (Rare) Carlisle Old English Game ChickenCarlisle Old English Game
    Hard Feather Oxford Old English Game
    Oxford Old English Game
    Hard Feather
    Old English Game Bantam
    Old English Game Bantam
    Hard Feather Old English Pheasant Fowl
    Old English Pheasant Fowl
    Light: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Russian Orloff Chicken
    Heavy: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Orpington ChickenOrpington
    Heavy: Light Feather
    Pekin BantamPekin Bantam
    True Bantam Plymouth Rock ChickenPlymouth Rock
    Heavy: Soft Feather Poland ChickenPoland
    Light: Soft Feather Derbyshire Redcap Chicken
    Light: Soft Feather
    Rhodebar Chicken
    Heavy: Soft Feather (Rare) Rhode Island Red ChickenRhode Island Red
    Heavy: Soft Feather Rosecomb Bantam
    Rosecomb Bantam
    True Bantam Rumpless Game
    Rumpless Game
    Hard Feather
    Satsumadori Chicken
    Asian Hard Feather Scotts Dumpy
    Scots Dumpy
    Light: Soft Feather Scotts Grey
    Scots Grey
    Light: Soft Feather Sebright Bantam
    Sebright Bantam
    True Bantam
    Serama Bantam
    True Bantam Shamo Chicken
    Asian Hard Feather Sicilian Buttercup Chicken
    Sicilian Buttercup
    Light: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Silkie Chicken
    Light: Soft Feather
    Spanish Chicken
    Light: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Sulmtaler Chicken
    Light: Soft Feather (Rare) Sultan Chicken
    Light: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Sumatra Chicken
    Light: Soft Feather
    Sussex ChickenSussex
    Heavy: Soft Feather Taiwan Chicken
    Asian Hard Feather Thai Game Chicken
    Thai Game
    Asian Hard Feather Thuringian Chickens
    Light: Soft Feather
    Transylvanian Naked Neck Chicken
    Transylvanian Naked Neck
    Heavy: Soft Feather (Rare) Tuzo Chicken
    Asian Hard Feather Vorwerk Chicken
    Light: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Welbar Chicken
    Light: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Autosexing
    Welsummer Chicken
    Light: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Wyandotte Chicken
    Heavy: Soft Feather Wybar Chicken
    Heavy: Soft Feather
    (Rare) Autosexing Yakido Chicken
    Asian Hard Feather
    Yamato Gunkei Chicken
    Yamato Gunkei
    Asian Hard Feather Yokohama Chicken
    Light: Soft Feather
    Chicken Breed Classifications
    There are two sizes of fowl that exist – ‘Large Fowl’ (often abbreviated to L.F) and ‘Bantam’. Not all breeds of large fowl can be found in bantam size and vice-versa. Where there is a bantam size only, these are called ‘True Bantams’. For many large breeds, bantams are created afterwards as a miniature version by selecting the smallest birds repeatedly for many generations, sometimes crossing out to other small bantams in the process to reduce their size.
    As well as Large Fowl and Bantam sizes, there is another distinction made with ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ Feather breeds. Generally, hard feather breeds are ‘Game’ varieties, who historically were cock fighting birds. These have a tighter feathering than the soft feather chicken breeds, who are more fluffy.
    The Poultry Club of Great Britain classifies ‘Rare’ breeds as those without their own breed club or society. The Rare Poultry Society looks after these breeds.
    This page has been a rather big project. A special thank you to Rupert Stephenson who has spent many years visiting shows to capture many of these breed photographs and has helped me enormously to create these pages.
    Glenda Heywood put this URL in to your browser and all of these chicken breed pictures come up
    Chicken Breeds
    Chicken Breeds Guide - Photos and breed information for every standard breed of chicken, together with hybrids.|By Tim Daniels

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