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10 Years
Oct 5, 2009
Las Vegas
hi guys... thought i'd make a quick post here before i get lost in the rest of the forum again....

i live in north las vegas.... we currently rent a property with just over an acre, and i started with chickens in may.... they were a mother's day present to myself.. lol

my bird totals....
1 leghorn
7 arcauna hybrids (1 is the rooster)
3 barred rocks
1 random red chicken.. (don't know what she is.. she was found in a box at the side of the road... yeah.. seriously.. )
1 frizzled black cochin banty
1 black cochin banty
1 red cochin banty
2 unknown breed banties (1 rooster)
3 male mallard ducks
2 peahens
2 peacocks
2 pheasants
and a crapload of wild doves and sparrows and mockingbirds

my leghorn has been laying for over a week and i just found her nest yesterday.. i'm rather excited about that....

i'll be setting up a BYC page for myself with pics of my birds in the next few days.. but for now that's all the random info i'm gonna post.. gotta go figure out where to post my question for the day.. lol..

thanx to everyone who makes this place happen
from NY!
oohh are you close to phoenix?? i saw your sig line about buying your eggs... what do you have??
my best friend lives in pheonix.. i think.. or flagstaff... she lives in one has family in the other.. lol.. anyway.. she comes out this way often.. if you've got something i've been thinking about i might have her stop by before she comes out.. that way i know their traveling safe.. lol..
granted, she drives like a maniac, but...

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