the miracle of goldenseal powder

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    Aug 30, 2010
    So, for the third time since I have had chickens, I am confronted with a gnarly wound. The first time it was when a visiting dog ripped half the back of Rocker-B, the second when an unknown predator ripped a 5x5 inch section under Princess Pecky's sidebody off, and now it is a one inch hole on the bottom of Ara (just below the vent) that is infected and infested with maggots from her getting stuck for two days in the compost bin (between the slats of the pallets). I discovered with Rocker-B's wound, after treating it for 4 days with cleaning and neosporan, that she was rotting (necrotic flesh that was very stinky). I was given a tip about goldenseal powder so I went to my local natural food store and bought some (expensive but well worth it). I applied goldenseal powder to the extent of her wound and the next day the nasty smell was gone and within 2 weeks she was regrowing feathers! I applied the same application to Princess Pecky when she got her wound, and it took only a few days for the wound to heal.

    Now with Ara, she has it the worst that I have seen in my limited experience, and we have done daily treatments to remove the maggots along with flushing with hydrogen peroxide and water, and a goldenseal powder coating at the end. I am also giving her oral antibiotics, Rescue Remedy and homeopathic Arnica (animals seem to respond really well to the nuanced natural remedy applications). I am amazed she is still alive quite honestly, though not thriving yet. I have seen improvements, as she is more resistant to treatments (fiesty that is), and am finally able to have hope that she will survive.

    Goldenseal seems to have amazing antimicrobial properties that work very effectively on bad infections. I am never without it now.

    Now if I could only stop naming my chickens (it makes you care to a point that is painful sometimes)....

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    Get FLYS OFF or SWAT at the pet or feed store and apply to the wound. Also treat her with ivermectin. Between those things any maggots that hatch out will die. Flush the wound daily with diluted povidone iodine. If you are still finding maggots, you probably need to restart with a more thorough flush with undiluted hydrogen peroxide and wound cleaning. Keep flushing until no maggots or dead flesh comes out, and the peroxide runs out clear (although bubbly). Then pack the wound with SWAT or FLYS OFF. If you want to apply goldenseal first or after, that should be fine. The predominant purpose of the SWAT/FLYS OFF is to protect the wound by killing bugs attracted to or hatching in it.

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