The most amazing Silkie Story ever

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Stef82, Jan 10, 2013.

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    Months ago, our white silkie hen had laid 3 eggs. All hatched and grew up. I placed her back with her flock and she never got the chance to lay more eggs since it got cold and the days got shorter.
    Weeks have passed and I got a trio of silkies. With in 24 hours, they laid a couple eggs. They where not broody so I went ahead and popped them into the incubater.
    January 6th came and the first 2 eggs hatched. I felt that "Momma" hen would easily adopt these chicks as I couldn't get a light set up due to that the room the light is in the door knob broke and I wasn't waiting for my husband to get home. I walked out and got my little white silkie hen. I told her to take good care of these chicks as she did with hers.
    I placed her in the cage with fresh paper, water and food, she instantly knew something special was going to happen. I went into the brooder and got the two little fluffs. I placed them in with momma hen. She INSTANTLY adopted them! The babies ran to her to seek cover and warmth. She sat down and clucked very softly to them.
    Today, she's been such a great adoptive mother! I KNEW she'd be a great Mom to these chicks. She showed them food and water, and did that cute purring noise to them when they are under her sleeping. I am so proud of her! For now on if I need a hen that will instantly adopt chicks, I know I can use her to help raise some chicks :) I just had a feeling I can trust her. And my gut feeling was right. She's a great mom!
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    [​IMG] aww how awesome!!
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    what a great momma. congrats.

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