The mud, the clay.... the RAIN... we are drowning!

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    Jun 27, 2015
    So, I live in NC and we have mud mixed with clay. My girls (24) have a large coop (100squ ft), a covered run with dirt floor (no mud - we have 1 foot concrete walls at the bottom) (10x12'), and a 25x25 outdoor uncovered run (covered with bird netting but no roof). They share this with two lazy wethers (neutered goats), who do nothing but hang in their stall or on the two 4x4' platforms. The goats hate mud. But our girls love it. And we've had sooo much rain. My boots sink down 10 inches in some places. It's a slanted piece of land, with two ditches with rocks at the bottom, but it's just not resolving. What can I put down? Crusher stone? What works well without cutting up chicken feet? My girls are getting sores on their feet from staying in the wet (it's been in the high 90s, so they adore the cool wet places).
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    Mar 10, 2016
    Think I would add a bale of straw.
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    I mainly want to commiserate. I am in WV and the rain just never stops it seems. I had mud/dirt in the run since the chickens had now been out long enough to eat/scratch all the grass. It is on a slope and drains in normal conditions but last week's flooding rains left it a stinky mess. I spent all of Saturday putting down stall bedding, pine shavings and grass clippings and was thrilled. No mud, no smell. Dancing the happy dance. Then Sunday and Monday with TORRENTIAL rain...again and it has rained some every day since. :( In my lifetime I don't believe I have ever seen a sloping hill that was so saturated with rain water that it doesn't drain. It is standing water because the water no longer has anywhere to go. I give up. I had it nice and dry for a few brief days. Everything here is a water logged mess. I started laying boards down to walk on and the chickens are using them too. I had to put a piece of plywood down just outside the gate because I was sinking in up to my ankles. The width of the plywood seems to keep me on top of the mud. Sorry I don't have more to suggest. But letting you know you are not alone...everyone around here is fighting the same thing as you and I. :(
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    If available, wood chips.

    Lots of wood chips, like 12-18 inches deep will solve your issues.

    Top will remain dry and mud free.

    Birds will love it.
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    May 20, 2016
    my girls and boys are having fun in there pen
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    Jan 15, 2016
    Also in WV. We have our coop which is the basement of a garage. When we get rain for days it can flood and become a mess. My question is: do you not have the option to do supervised free range? We've taught the flock where the property boundaries are and really, and they do great now. If hubby and I go to leave or need to let pups out we hollar for them to "coop up" and 49 chickens come back. Having them out when it stops (or is) raining allows me to clean the coop well. The flock also gets a chance to find them some dry space away from flooded coop or even lay in the grass to dry off if sun comes out.

    I also take any pine shavings that aren't too pooey and throw them infront of the door to wick up some of the mud. Hubby also had the idea to dig a small trench infront of the door and past the coop a bit. Now when it rains or we spray down the coop the water is funneled away. Maybe a French drain of sorts would help?
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