The Mystery of Skye and Kate's Deaths Is Probably Solved...

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    Had to dump out four feeders full of feed yesterday. Had two bags, one is a plasticized bag and had been using more of the other 22% protein bag for my molters lately, but there was both mixed throughout. At the bottom of the plastic feed bag found a clump of moldy feed so there was probably indetectable mold in places throughout the bag. We store ours in a can as soon as it gets here and with plastic bag, couldn't tell it had been wet at any time till we got to the bottom. That was what killed my two molting hens when their crops quit. Going to scream bloody murder at the co-op today about it. They had a basement flood about a month ago and said they dumped 1500 lbs of feed, but I bet this bag was left there. First time this has ever happened to us. Poor Skye and Kate. Their molt made them much more vulnerable to the fungus. Had to run to the only feedstore open yesterday. They didn't have my regular pellets, Tom asked for the Country Acres and they didn't have that, so they gave him two bags of Southern States, which is the first vegetarian feed my girls have had in years, but they charged him the lower price of the other for it. And their Purina scratch is pitiful, not like my usual 13% Knockout Game Bird 11 grain feed I use for scratch. But, at least the feed isn't moldy and won't kill anyone. Will have to supplement with fish for my molters, I guess.

    Guess the plastic bags are a hazard since water can get in the bottom seam, but you can't tell it's been wet unless the feed is all clumpy.
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    That is criminal, anyone who would sell feed like that, that has even the smallest chance of contamination, should not be allowed to sell feed. Give them hell!!
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    Losing Skye after trying to save her for two weeks was hard, but we emptied Kate's crop (not impacted, just not moving) and she looked better, then died the next day, probably too weak and depleted to save her. Makes me so mad--we loved Katie. She was the first chick to ever hatch here and was a beautiful, friendly, sweet, quiet girl. Both were about to turn 3 yrs old. Skye was probably show quality and now, no more chicks from her. Kate was one that looked like your Charlotte, WOWs.
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    I think you are probably correct about the mold. I have had it kill adult geese in 2-3 days after they come in contact with it. Dorothy
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    You were probably right about the mold. Sorry for your losses Speckledhen. [​IMG]
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    Jan 10, 2009
    So sorry..I have had that happen!![​IMG]
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    I thought of that with the issues I have been having with Cheetah. We bought a new bag from a different place this weekend. People don't care for it like they would people food. How would they like to eat moldy food? Just because they are chickens does not mean they do not deserve decent food.
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    Last Saturday I ran out of chicken feed. Since I needed some other items, I went to the local Walmart.

    I hunted all over for the Chicken Feed.........couldn't find it. (They've moved it 3 times in the last 3 months.) [​IMG]

    Finally found a Walmart worker and asked where it was. She, of course, didn't she got on the store-phone and asked.
    It was outside in the garden area.....stacked on pallets in the rain and snow.

    I found the driest bag of layer crumbles that I could.

    I'm sure that my hens will eat it up BEFORE it molds.

    BUT, that's a LOUSY way to store/merchandise the chicken feed!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    -Junkmanme- [​IMG]
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    Quote:I am sorry about your birds.

    For the third time I bought a 50-pound bag of lay mash that was moldy and buggy from my supplier. That did it! That was three bags to many. That makes me really stupid for not confronting them the first time. [​IMG]

    To make a long story short, I contacted the milling company on line with a polite letter of complaint. I did not name the supplier….but ours is a small town. A few days later, the milling company’s representative in our area contacted me on the telephone. She apologized to me and mailed me TWO certificates for any size bag or brand of chicken feed to be picked up at another feed store. [​IMG]

    The representative said that they would be contacting the other supplier to see what the problem was.
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    I once got 4 bags of feed that all had big clumps of moldy feed in them. The store took them all back and replaced them. The store owner called the Purina mill that they order from in Colorado. She and I were a bit angry when they told her that there had been some flooding problems there, but they shipped feed out anyway. I was lucky that nobody was poisoned.

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