the neighbors complain about our bantam rooster's crowing?


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7 Years
Oct 19, 2012
What should I do now? They are like pets to me, they come to me and feed off my hands. I raised them from chicks. I don't think I can cook them. What to do?
Put up curtains in the coop and let them out at an hour that you are sure you won't offend. Make sure you have food/water in the coop and they aren't too crowded, etc.

My roos crow immediately after I let them out, so I have the auto coop door opener on a timer. I don't let them out until around 8am (but as the days get shorter I do adjust this).

If there is still crowing in the night (I am assuming he is crowing at off-hours) some will put a roo in a dog crate in the garage. Or you can insulate your coop in hopes that it will make the crowing sound softer.
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