The Neighbors Yard


11 Years
Mar 10, 2012
Hohenwald, TN
Hey guys,
I need help on keeping my chickens in my yard while they're free ranging. They always seem to wonder into my neighbors yard. I don't want my neighbors getting angry and hurting one of my chickens so how can I keep them in my yard? I've got alot of acres but they just wanna travel to other people's yards.

How are they crossing through property lines? If they're flying over you can clip their wings to prevent it. If they're finding areas in the fence to get through, you're gonna need some time and some fencing to fix that problem. Doesn't need to be expensive though, even chicken wire would work to keep them in.
they aint really free ranging if theres a fence huh?

i do the same thing, let them run and they go further and further untell they are on someone elses property, one trick i tried last summer that seemed to work was watch them and see whos leading the pack to the other property, then kill the leader. worked for me.. a new leader will come around after a while tho. but the new one for me was better.
LOL...bad idea...eventually you would have no more
I don't think I can handle killing one of my chickens just for leading the flock to a new bug patch haha. I'm gonna leave em fenced in for a couple of days so they know where to stay. Hopefully this works if not they're getting a permenent fence.

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