The New Face Of Anorexia??..

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by redhen, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Anorexia has a face?
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    I certainly hope this is a trend that ends very very soon. [​IMG]
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    I have no clue, .. i was just repeating what the story headline stated... ;)
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    I really can't say I'm surprised. IMO, young guys are just as vulnerable (or even more so) as young girls when it comes to things like peer pressure and self-esteem issues. Focusing to the point of obsession is generally though to be more of a male trait. I suspect this has been going on for a long time, and is only now being recognized; I say, it's about time.
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    My huand's grand daughter I feel will have a eating problem he tells her she has a belly and her mother tells her if she doesn't stop she will be over weight and her grand mother tell he she is fat I tell them to stop or she will be throwing up in the bathroom for fear of gaining weight she has already said about being on a deit and she is ONLY 9 YEARS OLD I tel her it is ok when she turns 13 she will grow more and be thin a a rail and this weight is nothing to be concerned about, I was not over weight till I hit 30 but I dislike this being told to this 9 year old. I know they are trying to help her but telling her this I feel she doesn't need instead they should tell her WHAT TO EAT she eats apples and orabnges and all sorts of friut and yogurt and other good things we keep a box SNACK BOX that has no junk food in it but she can seem to curb it she was on concerta and this we couldn'tget her to eat she has been off it for a year and when she went off I think her mother told her the wrong thing that she would have a vervasous hunger and that is what it is she eat much but of what we have nothing really of jubk food.

    The doctor said she should have instead of another helping to have salad instead which I bought salad stuff for both kids.

    She has had enough in her life and I hate to see her have to hear this from them. I am possitive on the weight and I try never to tell her she has gained too much.

    Word can hurt as much as if you were stuck I know it been there done that form family memebers.

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    This is sad but can't say I am surprised considering the more feminine styles of dress and hair (super skinny jeans etc.) that the younger men are embracing. It's unfortunately left them as vulnerable as females traditionally have been to manipulation by the media (i.e. peer pressure and fashion photos).

    Hopefully now that this is getting media attention and being recognized, it will make help more available and make parents more aware what could be going on with their kids.
  7. This is just sad all around. I will say that I naively thought that anorexia was mostly a girls disease. Not that I wasn't aware that boys strive to look just like the models on tv and magazines, like girls do, just not that they wanted to be 'thin'. I thought most wanted to be bulky, muscly. I do know that anorexia isn't just about body image though, it is much more complex than that. Such a terrible disease. My girls are in elementary school, and many of my daughters friends are already talking about how "fat" they are. My daughter's best friend is stick thin, and she often skips lunch because she is afraid of getting fat. It's quite sad.
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    Question to be asked but avoided....Where are the dads in these two stories? No mention of them. The desire for a buff body is definitely a male thing but the avoidance of food to achieve it, is not.
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  9. Very good point. I would like to see the dad's take on the whole situation.

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