The NEW four letter word at our house. It starts with L. Any guesses?


11 Years
Sep 22, 2008
If you guessed LICE you are correct. Just finished picking through 4 kids heads, plus mine. Also, my washing machine has been going constantly for hours.... and I am working on the floors. Next up: sofas and other chairs...
I can think of other four letter words that would describe this very accurately.
Its rough i know. We had to do it twice before I found a few ways to prevent these things from happening. My brother has really great foster kids but i tell you every time someone goes home or seemingly goes for respite care they come back with some. Everyone stocks up on tea tree oil and olive oil now. Even when there isn't an outbreak going on, I still put tea tree oil in their shampoo and conditioner.

Hang in there. I know its exhausting, especially with lots of little. I didn't think 4 seemed like that many kids, till I had to comb through all their hair until 3am. That's when I was a bit jealous of the ones who only have one kid.
Thanks... just getting tired is all...and can I just say that having your kids dentist find them while filling cavities=embarrassing. I don't know how they ever even saw them though. I found a total of 5 live bugs.
Been through it too. I find myself checking their hair randomly.Never know when it will crop up again.Dh is lucky he shaves his head,so no worries for him.Fleas,lice,ticks-ewwww just eewwww. I hate dealing with those three.

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