"The new guy" from N.E. Georgia


9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
I just moved to Cleveland Georgia and need some chickens! But first i need to learn. In the past i had 4 Rhode island reds that were lots of fun until my dog decided that he liked chicken too.
Because i love the dog more than the chickens i got rid of the rest of the chickens. So now the dog is way too old to catch chickens it time to give it a second try. I will build a coupe soon and will be looking for a couple of egg layers and then maybe try some meat chickens too. So what should i get that can stand up to N.E. Georgia? I just want low budget good birds. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Randy
Hi, the web site that helped me to decide what breed of chickens to get was www.mypetchicken.com. I hope this will be very helpful for you also. Weclome, to this site it is very helpful. there are alot of very smart people that know alot about chickens on this site.

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