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the bird is the word
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Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
needs a sticky reminding people that they still need to put their subject in their heading.
We hope to eventually auto insert the location (state) into the title, but until then, it may be a good idea to still post locations / state into the title.

For buyers: You can search all listings by state. Each seller is required to submit their location before selling.

Information about searching for a listing in a specific state can be found here:
What an idiot, that's what I meant (I mean me, not you
) I looked in there, but there are many wanting birds and 'stuff' that didn't have their location in the subject. Good thing Lisa is checking up on me
My question about the new want to buy forum is why is it all together? Are you eventually going to have it like it used to be for example hatching chicken eggs wtb. and other poultry wtb?
We're trying to keep things relatively simple and too many different sections has its pros and cons. For now we think it is best to have them all in one place as it makes searching, browsing, posting much easier. We're open to feedback (as always) as people use the new organization.
I don't think the new section is easy to read so I stopped looking.....the auctions need their own spot.....JMO.

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