The Nightmare Hatch (more than a few tears shed for this one)

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    Feb 13, 2018
    A week ago, I walked outside into the yard to notice that there were several eggshells scattered throughout the backyard. As I got closer, I could smell something that made my stomach turn, and I knew what I was going to see before I saw it. Broken eggs with fetuses, almost fully-developed fetuses. I was absolutely heart-broken. So were the sitting muscovy hens, who kept looking at their nests as if their eggs would just reappear.
    I would find out that night that my two youngest sisters (ages 5 and 7) had gone out into the yard and broken the eggs in a game. My mum was also very upset, but she knew that the girls hadn't known what they were doing. Our oldest muscovy is still sitting on her clutch of 5, however after a quick candle it looked like those would be the only five we'd be getting this season. I have been very angry with my sisters up until now, where I feel as though I can no longer be angry without being a hypocrite, because I feel as though I have done something much, much worse.
    There's no easy way to say this... After eight years of raising poultry with my family, even after hand-raising a hatch of ten ducklings from an incubator after their mum decided to up and leave two years ago, I have done something that I feel like I won't ever be able to forgive myself for.
    This duckling was the only successful hatch from any of the five new mums nesting, but mama duck was adamant that she should remain in the nest despite the other ones not hatching (it is her first time), so this duckling wasn't being led towards food or water and was instead running around the yard with no one taking care of it. My family decided to take it inside and feed it, and set it up under a heating lamp so we could observe it (we'd seen a similar thing happen with a gosling last year, which didn't make it despite taking it to our local vet).
    This duckling, Patty (because she liked pats) was the spunkiest duckling, always running around and trying to steal food (and sometimes trying to get at our earings), and always crawling all over us asking for pats. I had fallen asleep on the couch several times throughout the past couple of days with Patty, and Patty had always made herself space and crawled around when I did so. Two nights ago, after her incessant cheeping, I let her into my bed and fell back asleep, and she was fine then, too. But last night (in fact not even an hour ago) I woke up early from my alarm and immediately looked for her, and she was dead. I feel like the most terrible human being, I just couldn't do anything but hold her and stare. I hadn't even been asleep for more than three hours, yet she was gone. I'm so angry with myself, I was planning on putting her into her box with the lamp before bed, but she was snuggled up and sleeping so I didn't want to wake her, and I ended up falling asleep. I feel so guilty, this baby has been following me around and looking to me for comfort, she thought I was her mum, she must've been so confused that her mum was killing her.
    We have our oldest muscovy sitting on a clutch of five or six, but I'm not even sure if I can look at them when they hatch. Am I just being dramatic, or am I really an awful person?
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    Oh no... please don't feel bad. It was an accident. You fell asleep and couldn't help it. :hugs:hugs:hugs
    Forgive yourself and your sisters and you will all feel better for it. I'm sure you and your mum have explained to them that what they did was wrong and at this point it's best to dry tears and move on. There will be more eggs and hatchings before you know it.
    Chin up dear. It will be ok! :hugs
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    First off -:hugs please know that we (all of us at BYC) have had slip-ups with our poultry hatching and raising. We have made mistakes. Some of them pretty significant. You are among friends, and although the sting of losing your sweet duckling is still pretty painful, you know you didn't do it intentionally. Eventually, you will (and should) forgive yourself - you just can't go back and "know" what you "should have known" - and in the end, you will be a much better poultry mama as a result. Hugs.
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    I am so sorry for your loss. :hugs
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    You are not an awful person. You're a human being. Unfortunately, being human means there is no script and no instructions. We do the best we can with what we know at the time.

    I agree with the above posters. We have all had tragic things happen. It feels awful. But it gets better. We learn, we grow from it and we try to do better with what we've learned.

    You weren't malicious. You didn't do anything intentional. That's the difference. :hugs
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    I'm sorry. I'm not gonna beat you up about it I think your doing that to your self enough. I think you know what went wrong here. I know baby ducks and hens are fuzzy cute little things but they need to be in the brooder when there that small. I don't know much about ducks but sometimes with hens you can try and sneek a new chicken under a hen in the dark. I believe it sometimes works.Not sure with ducks though. It was not a pirposefull act. So concentrate on making sure your new ducklings are safe. Learn by your mistakes. This was a very hard lesson learnt.
  7. I accidentally did not shut my coop all the way one night... and it cost my favorite pet Australorp hen dearly... That hurt...

    We are all human and make mistakes. Condemning yourself for those mistakes will not make them undo themselves though...
    The only thing it would accomplish would be making life very sad and depressing... :hit

    However, there is joy in forgiving, loving and learning through our experiences and mistakes (even when they are painful). :hugs

    Don't give up on raising ducks! Smile when you see those ducklings take their first steps... There is pain in this world because of death... but there is also joy found in all the living, beautiful things that God has made. :)

    There is also hope because the pain and suffering of this life is not forever... ;)
    "... And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." (Quote from Revelation 21:4, when God talks about His coming)
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    Anyone that’s been around livestock long enough has made a mistake, or 5000000! Don’t beat yourself up, it’ll all be okay and you will love a little baby duckling again! :hugs:hugs
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    so sorry:hugs
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    Can't say any more than has already been said so gracefully.
    I am very sorry you had to go through this. :hugs

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