The no waste 5 gallon bucket feeder is a hit!

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    Mar 25, 2014
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    We made our 5 gallon bucket feeder (with two access points) at the beginning of the week and so far it's already paid for itself! If you don't know what it is then do yourself a favor and search for it here, Just type in "5 gallon bucket feeder" it'll be the first search result. I was pouring two half gallon tubs of feed out twice a day for our chickens and there was always feed on the ground or they'd tip the feed trays over and scatter the feed all over the place. I filled the feeder up with what would amount to one and half days worth of what I usually feed on Monday and it's still more than half full. No waste and everyone from the full grown layers down to the two month old chicks are eating out of it. The only other feed I give out is a half pan of feed that I cover in water once every morning. Our neighbors have asked that I make one of them for their chickens and two of them with 4" PVC for the turkeys since they are tired of paying so much for feed that just gets tossed on the ground.

    I should have done this months ago.
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    Yes they are great...
    Thank god for all the byc people willing to share great ideas

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