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So I posted a few weeks ago here about how a discovered a newly-made Chicken Wiki: Well, I thought it would just be one of those wikis that grows a bit, then nobody edits, and it fades into the background, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It seems like the creator of the wiki is doing the most work, but they just keep at it, and the wiki keeps on growing. It looks like a few other people have started joining too. I even made a couple edits so far myself.

I've edited on a few other wikis a bit too, and I really like the mission statement of this wiki. Wikis really ARE about community, and as the creator stated, just the simplest edits help.....I think that with this wiki getting more and more popular, it's time for all you chicken experts out there to chip in and leave your mark!
I'm no chicken expert myself, but I have had them for a few years and I'm sure I can still contribute, that is, when I have time. These wikis are just super easy to use too: a lot easier than Wikipedia.

I really like BYC, but I have found it, um......kinda confusing at times, no offense to the amazing mods and admins that work so hard on it. It's just that there are SO, SO, SO many different threads that it does get kinda confusing and hard to find information sometimes.
BYC is great for community, and for chicken keepers to mingle, but it is a bit hard to find info sometimes......there are so many threads and are created, recreated, recreated, and recreated so many times, especially if it's a oft-asked question. Of course, the good people of BYC seem to be more than happy to answer even the questions that have been answered a thousand times before, but the answers can sometimes vary a LOT. For that reason, I would really like to see something like this Chicken Wiki grow, so that people like me, and people just getting into chickens can find lots of info fast. I really hope the creator of the wiki keeps editing like they say they will too! to edit a little more before I get back to work. Hope some of you will join me!
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If your justing looking for info, everything you need is on the home page.. Before you get into the forum.. If you want to ask a derict question, then the forum is the way to go..

It took me a long while to realize it, but the search function, even though it says google, it only searches BYC.. .. just in case you don't know..

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