The old couple and the bank trip

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  1. An older couple goes to town and makes their way into the local bank. It had been a long journey as they were bickering over the money they were going to deposit.

    It quickly becomes apparent that the bank is being robbed just as they walk in.

    The masked robber yells at the teller to fill his bag with money.

    The couple stands there in complete surprise.

    Just then the mask falls from the robbers face for a second before he can wrestle it back upon his face.

    He promptly asked the teller if she had seen his face.

    The teller swallows hard and replies "yes".

    The robber promptly shoots her dead.

    Then he turns to the couple and asks the older gentleman in a stern voice.

    "Did YOU see my face old man?", asks the robber.

    His reply was "NO, but my wife sure did".
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    oooooooo thats jacked up haha [​IMG]
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    Glad he's not my husband! [​IMG]

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