The Old Folks Home next door is afraid of Rodents and complaining!

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    We are situated in a very tiny village in Canada. Apparently if it doesn't state in the bylaws that livestock is allowed (ie: my chickens), than if someone complains in writing I could lose my entire flock.

    We have now decided that we need to move this summer coming up. I don't want to live somewhere that I can't be self sufficient. I have a 1 acre plot of land somewhere that is zoned as residential. I called the village office BEFORE I got my chickens and they said there was nothing in the bylaws stopping me. I had no idea that this could be sent to the City of Moncton Town Planning (a large city that is 40 km away from me, which does not allow ANY chickens at all). Now I am not sure what to do.

    Should I fight for it?

    The issue is coming from an Old Folks home across the street from us.

    A lot of my neighbours are furious with these old folks next door for trying to get rid of my chickens. I have over 5 families willing to write a letter trying to convince the village to let us keep our chickens. I thought they would be the ones to accept it the most because they are old.. Our province is a farming province.. Most older people grew up on a farm or at least had a family member who owned a farm.. Shouldn't they be smarter than to say chickens will create a vermin problem?

    Does anyone have any successes with fighting the bylaws. I love my chickens. I can't remember a time in my life where I have felt happier than the past four months I have been raising these feathered therapists.

    We tried to explain to the owner of the home that as long as food is stored properly, rats and mice are not a problem. I do have three outdoor cats that hang out with the chickens. I told the man that chickens will eat mice, but he outright said: NO they won't. He grew up on a farm apparently and said there were a lot of mice/rats.

    I have put way too much money and love into this. What should I do? Do you think I can fight this for 6 + months before something awful happens? I am going to look for a place in the country. I have been planning to have a place eventually, but I guess the time has come. [​IMG]

    I have found a place that I want, and if it is still on the market next summer, who knows?
    The dream property.
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    I think you are probably right that the residents of the home would like having the chickens around - maybe you could talk to a few of them about talking to the owner- if he worries about losing his source of income maybe he'll back off. By the way nice place- I hope you get it.
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    Quote:It was the residents who complained to the owner.

    Thanks [​IMG] I would love to have that place. My chickens would be so happy!
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    Well you might have a fighting chance if it's just the owner of the OFH. Filing paperwork or what ever you need to convince the town that you did in fact check before getting chickens. "City Chicks" by Patricia Foreman is an excellent book on these types of thing and you might get some ideas in making a presentation to the board.

    As for the new house thank you it is just what we are looking for. Just kidding.

    Decide how possible the new place is. If it's a real possibility then you might want to just scrap the whole fight thing and wait til them. Present to the plan for the new place to the board and ask for a temporary change so you can hang on to your birds til then.

    I wish you well,

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    Quote:Thank you so much rancher! We want to move for sure anyway. I just want to keep them UNTIL we move. I don't want to lose them in the process. All that has been made was vocal complaints by phone. No letters have been mailed. I hope it doesn't come to that. We explained to the owner that if there ever was a rodent problem I would understand his issue. At this point there is not. Why worry about what is yet to happen?

    How likely are rodents with cats on the prowl?
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    Could you set up a mouse trap to show that there is not an excessive mouse population at your place?
    Maybe, use it to be able to tell him that if there is a problem because of the chickens then you would be taking care of it.

    I am thinking something like a Victor Tin Cat mousetrap. It is bacially a set and forget. We have two of those in our garage and have had upto 8 mice in a single trap one fall. You know when there is a mouse in it because they try to gnaw their way out and you can hear their teeth on the metal.

    EDITED TO ADD: Taht place would be on my wish list also! Beautiful! I hope it works out for you!
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    Aren't you all infested, in your neck of the woods, with ungulate rats, i.e., moose/deer/elk? Is it legal to `dress' that vermin on your property as you see fit, e.g., hang them from a branch of a big tree and gut them? Though `offally' attractive to mice and rats I doubt the law denies your prepping the `venison' as you like it.

    Keep everything clean and raked; food inside coop, mouse traps under coop, etc. just be prepared for random `inspection'. Weigh poop from chicken x1 wk (multiply by number of chickens). Get a friend with a BIG dog to weigh poop x wk. Have comparison of `output' ready to hand-out (Excel that **** in kilo-by-kilo amounts - how much per year, per decade?).

    If this has more to do with NH resident's line-of-sight (see chooks all the time), drive some posts and zip tie temp. tarp fencing to block the view.

    Should be possible to kibitz for at least 6 months and keep the clucks in place.

    Good luck!
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    Chickens in my neck of the woods EAT mice if given the chance! Seriously, try playing up your feed/feeder storage and sanitation routine. Good luck to you.
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    First, ask the neighbors who like your chickens to write letters of support. Next, get a number of official sources (not just things that various people say, but actual references by long-term published authors such as Gail Damerov, papers or articles by Country Extension Offices, State Agricultural Departments, Poultry Science Department of universities, etc. relating to rodents and chickens. Chickens will eat mice, but are unlikely to eat rats. Is there any sort of documented rodent problem in your area? Infestations do not just appear out of nowhere. Either they are transported in or natural predators are eliminated.

    A complaint about a situation that MIGHT occur sometime in the future seems unlikely to garner much attention. A complaint based upon an active and existing nuisance (such as you hosting a "how many mice can we fit into my coop" day is another thing entirely.
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    Most here know that I have a deplorable habit of "thinking outside the box." Now, I don't know anything about Canadian law, but I do know politicians. You might, ever so subtly point out that you and your supportive neighbors will be voting for many years to come while those in the OLD FOLKS home... Well, you get the idea. [​IMG]
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